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"Studying the writings of traders who were active in the first three or four decades of this century has oftenDivision of Eightinspired me to do additional research. This has allowed me to develop additional tools and theories. In reality, what I present in this segment will not “pure” Gann. Instead, I will present applications and approaches which I have found to be useful and successful. Hopefully, this will provide a foundation for anyone who wants to study further on his/her own.

Many of the successful traders from the first half of this century have a reputation of being almost mystical. To many, this is especially true of W.D. Gann. Trader after trader has searched for Gann’s “secret” to unlock the mysteries of the market. Many of his tools, and mine as well, are relatively simple and are not secrets. However, after delving into his writings, I have come to the conclusion that his biggest “secret” consisted of two things: HARD WORK and COMMON SENSE. Unfortunately, many would-be traders seem unwilling to do the first and lack the ability to use the latter..."

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7 thoughts on “Traders Toolbox: Divisions of Eight Revisited...

  1. I have come to the conclusion that his biggest “secret” consisted of two things: HARD WORK and COMMON SENSE


  2. This is likewise true of my professional field in nutrition. The most intelligent, uncorrupted texts on applied nutrition were written between 1890 and 1920. At that time Big Pharma was not in place (not until post-WWII) to propagandize their drug therapies into what they called a "health"-care system, when it is in fact a "disease"-care system.

    And, it is said that no new classical composition has been created since the 19th century. Only variations on those magnificent themes.

    I am currently doing a course on Gann principles and my grounded, rancher logic finds resonance with it. And, with your final words on hard work and common sense, the latter being conspicuous by it's absence.

  3. Dear Sir,
    Will you please explain me how you trade S&P E mini day tradeing.How to put stops and how to read charts.Please email me.
    Thanks Bhadra

    1. Bhadra,

      We are not big fans of day trading as most beginners burn out and lose too much money. IMO there is way too much pressure on the average trader to day trade.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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