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Directional Movement Index

"The Directional Movement Index, commonly called the DMI, is a powerful trend-following indicator. Many false signals generated by indicators such as the stochastics are filtered out by the DMI. Subsequently, this trading and analytical tool gives few signals, but, when generated, they tend to be very reliable.Many, who at first glance are strangers to the DMI, find they are familiar with the prime component of the index: The ADX or average directional movement index. This discussion will center on the main use of the ADX, the turning point concept.

The DMI consists of three components: The + DI, which represents upward directional movement; the - DI, indicating downward movement; and the ADX, which signifies the average directional movement within a market..."

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2 thoughts on “Traders Toolbox: Directional Movement Index Revisited...

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  2. I don't know if you know, but IG Index have copied your platform colours and feel on there trading site (obviously, without your superior indicators!!)
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