Saturday Success Story - Robert, California

At MarketClub, our mission is to help you become a better trader. Our passion is creating superior trading tools to help you achieve your goals—no matter which way the markets move—we promise objective and unbiased recommendations not available from brokers.

Here's great news from a member...

"First, let me say how great your staff is. Very cordial, informative and friendly for sure.

Direct to trading: Years ago I made a bundle in the tech boom, yet, gave it back to the market simply by not selling. Since that time I've studied, gone to many seminars, opened real and demo accounts, purchased IBD, Vector Vest, Optionetics, Investools and numerous others programs. They're all good in their own right.

However, one program stands out, i.e., INO's MarketClub. Its the first program I open to review a stock or fx pair and the last one I close. I have personally recommended it to all my trader friends and have succeeded in having more than few actually sign up. I love the simplistic view, function and analysis. Whether I am looking for an entry point in a trade or a point of reference to exit a trade I first take all the signals off, make my own decision, then confirm with the very timely and useful weekly/daily green, red arrows.

It's important to cut to the chase. Noise is noise, who needs it? The new format is proof that no one is sleeping on the job at MarketClub headquarters. I like the scans, alerts, portfolio manager, drop down charting assists. Fundamentals, technicals are a marriage in trading. No one knows it all and no one program does it all, yet, I have said this often; "If I were on an island with a 10K account, satellite laptop, and could only have one trading software, it would have to be MarketClub." I've said that to the few hundred people I have personally spoke to regarding the amazing value and worth of the windows into trading MarketClub allows.

So many times I'll call to ask a question then begin asking the person if they trade and begin offering advice. Why I do this I don't know. Guess I believe I've something sincere to share because of my experiences in the market both positive and negative. I've learned a lot. Yet, one thing is for sure, you may whine, you may cry, yet, your not getting my MarketClub from me, no way, no how. It's Great.

I especially like Adam’s whiteboard videos. I've watched every one and store them, emailing them out to my trading group here in San Diego. Because of me, many here know about MarketClub. All I can say is that I think Adam Hewison is a great trader who is sincerely "giving back" by creating and offering this very complete piece of trading software.

One last sharing: I am beginning to make money again, buying AND selling. Yea!

Please continue on with the good work. Can't imagine how you could possibly improve upon the current version, yet I am sure you will. Once again, thank you Adam and staff.
I could write more, yet, enough is enough." ~ Robert B., California

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - Robert, California

  1. I agree with wayne.

    People can have beginner's luck in trading. But, very few maintain consistency of profitable trading over months and year.

    Larry Williams made a million, boasting about it and lost it again the year after. He probably makes more money selling stuff. So, ...

    consistency" is really what we need from testimonials

  2. I have wanted to try trading with Market Club and even signed up for a year but I have never seen nor received an answer to my basic question. Where do you put stop losses? In the forex market, there is no bottom, the market can just keep plummeting and even a small trade can go a very long way against you. If you bought the eur/usd a few weeks ago it would have killed you. At what point is the stop loss? Or does market club have the philosophy of not using stop losses? I am a newbie and feel like I need some safety net.

    Jim D

    1. Dear Jim,

      Stops are definitely important given the volatile conditions of all markets as a whole. We do not suggest specific loss placements, nor do we place stop loss placement values onto the charts. Given that traders have many different objectives for their individual trading plans, we leave stop loss placements up to the discretion of the trader.

      However, since out “Trade Triangles” are used to enter and exit the markets, you can anticipate when the “exiting” triangle will be issued and therefore place your stop loss values accordingly. Our algorithm is based upon various weighted factors; however one of the most heavily weighted factors is the previous three periods high or low. With this said, traders can identify the highest high, or lowest low of the previous three periods (daily, weekly or monthly) as a point where the odds are high that an opposing triangle will be issued which would suggest to exit the position.

      We suggest that you always use stops, but that you use a method that will best fit your objective and your trading personality. There are many methods for setting stops. We have a few posts on our Trader’s Blog that discuss these various techniques <>. Also on our blog we’ve shared an audio and PDF workbook from one of our INO TV authors, Joe Ross on a seminar called, “Where Do I Place My Stops?” Feel free to access the PDF workbook and audio here: and .

      If you have any questions please contact our support staff who will be able to help you.

      Su*****@in*.com or 1.800.538.7424


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  3. Wow! This says it all. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and incite. I just signed up with marketclub and for all the above reasons and more.
    Thank you Adam and your team of wonderful people. May you all be blessed in the New Year and I am your customer for life! Keep up the fantastic work.
    Your customer service team goes above and beyond their call of duty! Great job to all and once again many thanks for sharing.

    1. Is anybody making money in commodity market.and what about the penny stocks.thats what i am interested in.

  4. I would like to be stock trader. I am fresh for stock trading world. I heard good story about marketclub from my friends and also,I read success story from marketclub blogs. what do you advise me as a beginner and where is the best spot to start?

    Thank you!

    1. Tigist,

      I think the best way to start in the markets is to educate yourself on basic trading tips. (See Adam's video on this here: Although everyone will approach trading differently, there a few golden rules which many traders do everything in their power to abide by.

      Once you have a basic idea, I would suggest starting a paper account, developing your own set of trading rules (based on your hypothetic financial situation, risk tolerance, etc). Then you can sign-up for MarketClub and trade your paper account using the scanning and signaling tools of MarketClub. This is the best way to see if MarketClub matches your style. Every trader/investor is different. Some tools work for one person, but not another. It's all about trial and error... but I would use a paper trading account when figuring out what's best for you.

      Have a happy and profitable new year.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  5. Robert took time to write a long and convincing note. I agree that the training, layout, support, etc. are good. But what raises questions for me is that he says "I'm BEGINNING to make money again.." To me, real success is consistently making good money over time. The large majority of posts I see for almost every offered service focus on the ease of training - or a good trade or two. I just don't see ringing endorsements claiming good profits over a long period.
    Anybody experiencing that with Market Club?


    1. I am curious if you get any response on that, I have the same observation you do.

    2. I have never chimed in before, but I have to say that if you as a trader have the discipline they always talk about and actually have a plan, you WILL make money trading the triangles!
      Read the strategy the help section has on how to use the triangles and try trading them for just a few trades. You will be amazed at how accurate they are at picking price direction. This website has become my primary resource for research since discovering it this past year.
      -Rodney in Jacksonville, FL
      professional trader since 1997

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