Trader’s Whiteboard: Lesson 4

As traders we tend to think the most important part of trading is making money. This is what we all want, but sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to what is really important and that is protecting our money.

You’ve heard the terms “stop-loss” and “money management” over and over. Most of us are familiar with the basics of a stop, but did you know that there are three different types that you can employ to protect your capital?

Today Adam is going to explain the three types of stops and their respective pros and cons. We invite you to click here and watch today to find out which will work for you and your trading style.


The MarketClub Team

4 thoughts on “Trader’s Whiteboard: Lesson 4

  1. I know adam is on vacation, but hello, there have been some serious levels taken out in the market the past 2 days. Can we get an update?

  2. Thank you very much explanation of Stop Loss Strategy is excellent.

    Can you please incorporate % Trailing Stop method. I have been using it and it is working very well, not only it preserve capital but improve ones chances of making higher profits.

    Your comments highly appreciated

    1. Hi Jane,

      A thinly traded market refers to a low or inadequate amount of volume. Markets with low volume can be very volatile and easily influenced by small amounts of market activity, and therefore risky.

      If you have any other questions, please call our Membership Service team at 1-800-538-7424 or 410-867-2100.


      Susan Jackson
      Blog, Webinar, & Education Group & MarketClub

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