Poll: Is the current administration anti-business?

Before President Obama's State of the Union Address, Bloomberg reported that 77% of investors saw him as "anti-business". Do you agree and if not, did his speech have any bearing on your opinion?

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23 thoughts on “Poll: Is the current administration anti-business?

  1. Obie is a socialist at best. The only thing he has done in his career is to win an election. He is now working hard on his reelection. He has a lot of pie in the sky ideas and no practical ability to actually get anything done.He couldnt get health care passed when his own party had control of the House and Senate.
    Now he is going to help the middle class and create jobs. Jee obie there isnt any middle class left and there isnt any jobs either (other than in the public sector). He would like to take control of all business in the name of the government and appoint more czars and regulators.
    Why do we have all the different levels of government? They all are run at taxpayer expense and dont generate one dime of profit or product. Let some of them get a real job for a change!

  2. Unfortunately, the poll is flawed because of how it is worded. If I answer "Yes" that Obama is anti-business that's one thing. But at the same time I can also answer "No" to whether or not his speech had any bearing on my opinion. And vice versa. So unless my answer to both questions is either Yes or No, my answer is null and void.

  3. NObama is anti business, except for really big business, i.e. Banks, his support of these organizations and allowance for their continued use of but misapplication of the DOLLAR is demonsrated by his continued funding of them. He is most certainly pro self and pro cronnies. He has created some full time jobs by allowing his wife to hire 21 people to fulfill her every wish and doing it all at tax payer expense. She now has more people working for her than the last 15 presidents wives. Before FDR. She does nothing for the Government. She is literally the First Hood Ornament. 2 milllion a year to pay these people is an extreme while he grows the largest deficits in the history of all finance systems on this planet. I guess this is more of the "let them eat cake" attitude of all Aristocracies. The automatic pay raises that the elected fools around the court have accepted is simply another sign of how thoroughly the aristocratic attitude has supplanted the Protestant work Ethic in our government and this country.

  4. Obama is an anti-capitalist. and a radical Communist. I was born in Cuba, and witnessed the Cuban conversion to Communism. At first people thought Fidel Castro was a national-socialist (a Facist) but less than three years into power he declared himself a Marxist-Leninist. Anybody that studies history will learn that all nations that became Communist followed the same path we are presently traveling. Communists use a cookie-cutter methodology.

  5. what's the big problem? bottom line 70% know an empty suit and a big mistake he is, the man from nowhere, no records, no one knew the guy in the past, and all the gangsters he gave jobs, they either didn't pay taxes or had skeletons in the past. he should have been deported, BTW, auntie is here, a welfare queen ordered out of the country 4 years ago, and still here stealing government welfare checks. I never heard of a president with his mother- in- law living in the white house. he a scammer from way back!

  6. I see this poll as having two questions. If I agree the President is anti-business then my Answer is "yes" and that's the end of my response. However, if I feel the President is not anti-business and I feel that his speach helped me decide I have a problem. My answer is no to the first issue and yes to the second. I cannot answer the two questions so I don't answer at all. Therefore my vote is lost as is the group of potential voters that think the same way. The result is a skewed outcome favoring the anti-business answer.

  7. I truly believe is for business, what choice does he have? what he is against is towards businesses, corrupt financial institutions, that are hijacking our economy and sucking our small businesses dry.

  8. politicians are a tricky breed.They say one thing and actually do something else.What we do know is ,he is a cultural Marxist and a Keynseian as most Ivy leaguer's are.What will he do, what he was told to do.Reinflate designated asset class's,quell social unrest,redistribute the wealth,and if you don't know who the patsy is,your the patsy. amen brother.

  9. Obama is no question pro-union which some mistake as a pro-"big business" stance. Obama is definately anti-business and pro-big government. He has done a lot for unions, i.e., GM & Crysler, bailed out corrupt big banks and insurance companies. Yet small private business makes up for over 70% of American jobs and he has yet to lift a finger to help that critical sector of the economy.

    Small business has not and never will, ask for a handout. Just help level the playing field. Stop over regulating and get out of our way! Small business is not the problem. Small business is what is holding the fragile economy together. The "too big to fail" mega corporations are the very heads who put Obama into office. They have hurt us and by Obama paying back his campaign debts to them by bailing them out, he has lowered Americas standard of living for both this generation and the next.

    There, I said it!

  10. It is obvious that Obama is turning USA into a "USSA" - United Socialist States of America.

    1. Government sponsored nation-wide health insurance.
    2. Government Motors.
    3. Government sponsored employment.
    4. Government controlled Banks, Mortgages and Finances.
    5. Government controlled currency exchange rate.
    6. Government sensored air travelling.
    7. Government sensorship on immigrants.
    8. Government aid to major industies.
    9. Government sponsored wars with Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    1. I strongly agree with points 1-5...but you oughta use correct spelling..."Censor" is tha word you want, eh?

  11. Dear susan, you didnt word the question for a yes answer.,you just asked for ppls oppinion,,yes or no..when is that setting up a question for a yes answer., joe is probably an nobama supporter, they dont like any critizen of his no nothing hero..i find it interesting, socialists would be interested in the stock markets.,i thought it was just capitalist that liked money..guess not.,,

  12. It is too tell, as we re only in 1/4 of the ballgame. i think he has slowed up a bit, as for his change, he is getting the backlash form his own part, who is walking down the plank for the next election. The tea party is alive and well gathering steam, after a year of this insanity, anti- american, arrogance, and general distain, for anyone he would say is middle class (that is shrinking as more lose jobs). The wealthy, that supported and made him king are unhappy that he will tax them down a class. Interesting to see major democrates like Ben Stien, Mortamore Zucker, GE past president and now board member, losing faith an saying so publically, as they see the "real" persons personality, and the tax bills planned for them. The "true believers" liberals, are upset that he managed to break every promise he made. The programs he promised, cap and trade, and gutting Soc.Sec. and a health plan, will never pass, as his own party is running from supporting it. Meanwhile, since can't even manage one ball in the air, he has failed to address major problems, here and abroad. As for a political view, i believe is a communistic more than Fascism.

  13. Not so much anti_business as pro big business. Starting with Bush and continuing with Obama, most of the huge amounts of money and/or credit as provided by the Fed and The US Treasury have been dedicated to the support of big banks and big corporations. Even the funding labeled as mortgage forclosure protection is actually protecting banks in either helping to ensure they get their money and thus don't stand the losses they would take on forclosed properties, or is being funneled through Fannie and Freddie to buy the most toxic mortgages outright from the lenders that are otherwise sure losers. These programs and the policies behind them are pure Corporatism, otherwise known as Fascism. Programs that purport to assist average folks and which are being denounced by some as Socialism come in a distant second by any comparison.

  14. Above question is setup to give a "Yes" outcome. Even if you don't think they're anti-business now but you were influenced by the speech you're supposed to answer "Yes" the way it's phrased. More objective setup should have given more objective outcome. This one is inconclusive at best.

    1. Hi Joe,

      That was definitely not my intention. I'll certainly try to phrase things a little more objectively in the future.


      Susan Jackson
      Director of MarketClub Education
      INO.com & MarketClub

      1. Don't worry you have it right! As soon as the goverement owns everything O'bama will be happy

    2. Before President Obama's State of the Union Address, Bloomberg reported that 77% of investors saw him as "anti-business". Do you agree and if not, did his speech have any bearing on your opinion?

      maybe you disagree with the bloomberg report 77% think obama as anti-business..how is asking for your opinion setting it up for a yes answer?? just because your opinion doesn't agree with the majority of ppl doesnt make her question bias.,you seem a little sensitive, no reason to take it out on market club..

  15. No choice but to appear to be anti business, the Business people are out of control.

    If not appear to be anti business, all will be voted out sooner or later.

    Pei Lin

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