Saturday Success Story - Bruce, Missouri

At MarketClub, our mission is to help you become a better trader. Our passion is creating superior trading tools to help you achieve your goals—no matter which way the markets move—we promise objective and unbiased recommendations not available from brokers.

Here's great news from a member...

"I've been with MarketClub for over a year now and I have used their service almost daily. If you’re interested in trading the markets, whether it be stocks, commodities, futures or forex, this is the place to be! Want to search for stocks? Their platform has a remarkable screener that will help you zoom in on what you’re looking for and the unique Trade Triangle technology provides signals and alerts for entering and exiting positions. Not sure how to get started, well MarketClub has the answer for that too!
They have an educational section that is fantastic, with video tutorials from Adam Hewison. If you already have a portfolio and just want to keep track of it, you can set it all up in MarketClub, review every position at a glance and even get alerts to your e-mail on positions you may want to trade!

I believe MarketClub has given me a better understanding of the markets and provides a wonderful service that enables me to make more money!

So if your looking to make money in the markets and who isn't, than MarketClub is the place to be. Try it, I'm sure you will love it!" ~ Bruce M., Missouri

To send your own success story, please email bl**@in*.com. We wish all of our members the best and we look forward to hearing your success story.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - Bruce, Missouri

  1. R. Ucherek,

    I know, and I agree it sounds like it's scripted but that's exactly what was said and emailed to us. All the Saturday success stories come from members. We do not process them through an agency or anyone else, it is just that people like our service and like to share their success with us.

    One thing we hold above everything else at our company and that is integrity. We have built a very solid business putting our members and customers first. You have a guarantee that when you work with our company you're getting the real deal and not smoke and mirrors.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    All the best,

  2. Was that success story scripted in Hollywood.
    or by a local ad agency??
    The "story" sounded like a commercial for you

  3. Is this success story or plain advertisement or sales call on behalf of marketclub. It would be better if he has mentioned about how he achieved(detailed) ratherthan trade triangle, and how about what kind of suceess he achieved. I have used the system, and could not make better decision as triangles changes after the fact. Let us know how you are using it to make you successful.
    Thank You for your feedback.

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