Saturday Success Story - John, Minnesota

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Here's great news from a member...

"I've been a member for one year now. I just renewed for my second year. This site has been of great help to me in making investment decisions during this bear market. With the primary trend down, I've been largely in cash but have shorted markets at various points. During bear market rallies, I have done some quick trading to take advantage of shorter-term uptrends. The Trade Triangles have helped me stay on the right side of the trade.

I really like the new charting layout. Very clean charts and there are enough technical indicators to help me with my analysis of stocks or markets.

The new audio feature on the charts is great! I also enjoy the blogs and educational videos. I really like the commentary section for a quick update on the various markets. It helps me make shorter-term investing decisions.

The membership fee is usually covered with one or two successful swing trades. I encourage anyone who is thinking of becoming a member to put down your money on a great investment and great value." ~ John R., Minnesota

To send your own success story, please email [email protected]. We wish all of our members the best and we look forward to hearing your success story.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - John, Minnesota

  1. Hitesh,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I'm not sure which GSS you all referring to.


    Let me know which one it is.

  2. I am surpised what happened to Adam's video comment on market future that it might go down and test previous low(commented about 2 week ago). It is very hard for me to make decision, because triangle changes daily and after the fact. To me it is reactionary rather than guiding. Please reply on blog, in past I haven't seen my blog posted 3 to 5 times. I was waiting for my response but never got it.
    Appreciate if you respond. In 2 month I made $2500, then lost about $3500. I was asking for your analysis on GSS, which I never got it, let try this time.
    Thank You

    1. Are you having trouble using the system? In what way? Too much info...too little? Too difficult to understand? Too much work required? How long have you been trying to use the system? Have you asked for help? Was it given and it didn't help you? What other sorts of problems have you had? Your answers might help some of us considering joining and maybe what to expect and how to get the most out of it.

  3. The stock market is not rocket science it us so simple
    And I agree it is an art
    A musician plays effortlessly yet he would find it so simple dig
    I want the MarketClub to hit me with ALL the relative and relevent
    info 10 lessond just the meat no blah blah
    For instance : The first step is to know where your big picture sits
    Then you decide to go long or short
    Then you pick the biggest winners in the " bull" or the biggest
    loserd in the " bear" In the bull the sector should be above the others
    Conversely in the bear the sector should be a big loser
    You do the same with the stock pick and bingo 90% correct
    If you guess wrong ( could be a double bottom )you get out quick !
    But keep the "overly verbal ' can I convince you to believe in me '
    jargon just an opinion cheers Marty

  4. Was this site which about 3 months ago mentioned investing in the 4 sectments of USO, FXE, SPY and GLD in the ETF?

    If yes, please send me the article and video.


  5. I would like to become a member of marketclub, but I have money tided up in physical silver and natural colored fancied diamonds and I have an RRSP in Canada. I am not working now and I am taking money out of my RRSP every year since 2008. I have no free money to trade with.

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