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  1. Trading profits percent in gold is 25% yearly .
    The defintino of the world economic problem in 2008 is that ;
    trading profit percent 25% was not acheved .
    do you know that ?

  2. MACD daily indicator indicates that gold is in the low position .
    maybe Mon 22/3/2010 will be an set up buying point !!

  3. lets wait for somthing un accepted to rise gold in the coming days !!!
    three important watching hard moves are in the target :
    1- the sollution for romania economic problem
    2- the sollution for world economic problem
    3- semi war in the middle east

  4. 1091.5 is the bottom on 22/3/2010
    Just watch the end of the day !!! if gold value close under 1097.92,
    so gold will back down south %
    if not so gold in this time is just filling gap , as I thought .and 1200 is the coming long target before then moving really down south.
    lets prove it mathematically : 1106.8-21=1085.8 supposed bottom target,
    if it reach this value 1085.8 it will go south !!!

  5. You know I quite like Adam. He is very open and no doubt has been successful.I have subscribed,

    but regret it.

    What is the Achilles heal.

    I think it is stubbornness. I get the impression that the trade triangle 'technology' so called is not be tested and has not for a long time. If for example , monthlies work well for a makret and dailes badly. DUMP THE LATTER.

    What does not work in general or for particular markets must be dumped or improved.

    I hate to think how many people have been mislead and quietly regret.Rarely do 1% of people complain .

    If you need justification for self analysis Adam it is that markets change character. There is massively more hedge fund activity today that years ago. Many hedge funds make money by waiting for the mice to follow the old rules and then pounce. The more use technical analysis the more others use more sophisticated analysis to outwit: just like the evolutionary arms race in nature

    I get the impression that if I was alerted to all monthly triangles I would make money.......but I am lacking in confidence to use the service. only complete track record data would convince me I fear.


  6. Gold bugs need to be swept back under the carpet sometimes... this might be one of those times. The trade triangles minimize risk, but they don't prevent loss. No system, other than not trading, can guarantee preventing losses 100% of the time. I'm up 24 of 25 public trades this year on my website, but even this is due to some extreme discipline and great timing. With two trades up 40% as of Friday, it will move my averages up significantly. Nevertheless, I don't claim perfection either!


  7. Is their anyone who actualy subscribes to this service and has made a profit, long term, using the Trade Triangle System? Anyone using the system to trade his (Adam) "Worlds Perfect Portfolio"? Back testing is one thing, hind sight is 20/20, and real profits is another. Thanks in advance to all memebers for any response... good or bad!


  8. Adam thank you for the truly enlightening videos and training for the masses.

    There is however, a point I'd like to make. Traders - trade
    investors - invest.

    It is critical that all of you truly and deeply understand what YOU are.

    For certain things I trade like a maniac. On others I hold.

    Gold and Silver, for instance, have been the foundation of my family's wealth for 300 hundred years and will be for the next 300. We are taught, at a very young age, how to use gold as a foundation of our portfolios. From there we are taught to trade those assets we feel are too risky to hold but are relatively easy to profit from.

    i.e. stocks, they are truly the greatest ponzi schemes of all time. That is OK though, as long as you understand that.

    Someone must be the last sucker in the room. Just make sure it isn't you. How do you know you aren't? When you can see them in the play (hedgies, banksters, mtutual funds, private investors, etc. You can tell actually by studying the volumes.

    If you don;t see them then most likely you are the last person in the play.

    Anyway, folks you can trade the dips in gold if it works for you. We don't in our family. We buy low (i.e. we bought 1000's of ounces of physical gold for instance in the late 90's and early 2000's) We rarely sell.

    There is no counter trade risk other making sure you buy low. We feel gold is a generational trade due to stupid and corrupt governments. That is just our way.

    We do though trade gold stocks freely and openly. They are great trading stocks because of their volatility. However, they are not for the faint of heart as you no doubt have learned.

    For those of you who do trade gold and stocks good luck and great wealth.

    And Adam thank you. your efforts to educate I hope make your business profitable. You deserve it for taking the time to teach people and make the markets more open and free.

    1. Mogul,
      Your comments are very enlightening and more people should take heed. After all, the proof is in hundreds of years of pudding. If I may ask for clarification though. How do you tell who`s the last sucker in the room by studying the volumes? Thanks for the insight.

  9. George wrote ...

    "US financial markets have become the largest rigged casino in the world. Unfortunately fundamentals and charts don't work when markets are being manipulated.The riggers (Fed, Central Banks) can fool all of us to believe anything they want us to believe by painting the charts however they see fit."

    Amen, amen - and its simply criminal! We have become a government of the rich and connected in D.C. and Wall St. - paid for by the rest of us on Main st.

    Neither a common sense fundmental approach, nor objective trend analysis can overcome large-scale back-room, government sponsored market manipulation. I laugh at the arrogant eTrade commercials which imply an individual trader can outsmart the Wall St. liars and frauds.

    We have lived through progressive eras of increasing government lying starting with Viet Nam - and now we are victims of outright government theft of our retirment savings - while the world and the media watches and no one raises Hell.

    Americans should all march on D.C. and give them ALL a ride back home on a rail.

    Oh well, guess that won't happen until they shut our cable TV off.

  10. Hey Folks,

    Any trade has two possibilities - and the "loss" on this one is barely a one point and change. I'd much rather get an honest objective "Sell" quickly rather than all the "maybe-this, maybe-that" I get every day from any number of "financial experts".

    If you want to be conservative - as Adam says in his videos - use the Monthly for trend and the Weekly for timing - spread your bets and use stops - and in the long run, you'll do well.

    I've been watching Market Club and Adam's videos for over a year. I have kept procrastinating signing up - to MY regret! I have watched as the systems Alerts have been largely correct the last year and would have made me a bundle - if I had gotten off the dime. My fault, not Adam's.

  11. Wait till the Health Scam Bill passes,Greece blows, Spain liely next in line,.............the Mkt will tank , and commodities will follow....
    Get ready to GO for the PM's when the prices drop.........
    Because with what we have coming, it's going to be your last shot.
    Physical,not ETF's.

  12. Short term Gold may go down to 1093-1097 level by Monday and then it may retest a level of 1118. Overall this is bearish market in medium to long term including Stocks, Gold,Silver & Euro.

    Very heavy bearishness is on it's way in coming months so guys be careful of becoming to optimistic on Gold at present scenario.

    My Long term monthly chart on Euro shows very dangerous level and which may coincide with the trend of 1980s.

    Happy trading.

  13. I agree... the technicals are being 'painted' by the bullion banks, who conduct bear raids on the Comex searching for stops. If you trade based on this you are trading on manufactured data ...

  14. Hey folks,
    this is a choppy market within a trading range. When a trading range, you buy at the bottom and sell at the top of the range. Why do the vice versa is beyond me.

    A "sell" signal? Who cares? The only "signal" I follow (and act upon) is: price. Buy when it falls, take profit when it rises. No loss booking! Whatsoever! A "sell" signal at the bottom of the range? No, thanks - eat the losses yourself, while I buy your gold. I'll sell it later - when it rises from here. Have any doubts it will?
    What if it goes lower? Hmm - I'll just buy more of it!

    Now about the "gold's going down because there's no inflation" concept. People who say this have zero understanding of modern economics - and markets, for that matter. Markets are driven by liquidity, not peabrain concepts about inflation. Gold's driven up as Big Money buy gold because Uncle Sam is bankrupt and has to monetize it's debts and "bad assets" ad infinity. It's that plain and simple.

    Jim Sinclair is absolutely right: hyperinflation is not an economic phenomenon. It's a matter of (deteriorating) trust in the monetary paper.

    One has to have a courage and conviction to make profit in the market.

    May you all prosper!

  15. Silver has been moving quite a bit. I bought SLV Jan 2011 10.00 calls in early Feb. @ $5.50 and sold the 16th at $7.20. Big correction down this week. I will be back in next week if prices settle out. Option fees at Schwab are low, so I don't mind taking profits and buying back in low. It is working for me.

    Over our 3 accounts, Silver ( SLV shares and Calls) have made us nearly $75 K this year.

    Covered calls are a way to make a little extra, But it does raise the investment amount required significantly. Long calls risk much less capital, and if you choose an in the money call with an Exp date over 6 Mo out, Delta is on your side.

    Adam, Thanks for your responses to the comments. It is nice to see that you care about other viewpoints. The trade triangles seem a little slow to me. I am using them, along with 3 line EMA, Bollinger bands and RSI+ up/down Volume. That pretty much nails it. After all of these years I have finally gotten the "Feel" for charting, so the Triangles sometimes don't make sense, especially long term.

    Your videos are awesome.

    Good trading to all, and the Luck of the Irish be with Ye.

  16. I am a long time investor in prec metals. I suggest looking at the long term indicators for the PMs. The continuos flooding of fiat money, here and globally, portends decreasing value for the dollar and other currencies versus the stronger currencies, mostly in resource countries. Trading and forecasting prices is futile. If you hold a stock in PM, consider selling covered calls at a price you would be comfortable with. When the market turns higher, consider selling puts on the metals a a price you are comortable with. Your broker can guide you. A caviet, be sure your broker is comfortable and experienced in option trading. Long term, I foresee inflationary trends.Bon Chance.

  17. I piled into ZSL this week and my futures so bright, I gotta wear shades. Good call Adam...........You the MAN!!!

  18. My game plan: as GLD is in trading range for midterm (I think), I did one thing yesterday on GLD: buy GLD and write Dec. 115 call for hedge.
    If GLD goes above 115, I am willing to give up some gain, and if GLD goes down I have some protection, or I can close those call if the profit is good enough, then waiting for new chance when GLD eventually goes up again. What do you think, Adam?

      1. Thanks, Adam.
        This plan is based on my believe that GLD is in long term bullish trend. If, however, GLD goes below 200 dma, especially 200 dma start to go down, then I should take a loss and exit the plan. The exit time is not very time sensitive because of the existing hedge.

  19. gold or silver bullion is a long term ride. Grab your bars and hold on tight. Australian miners are opening projects now that require $2000AU to work. They are predicting this price in 12 months. They had better be right for liquidity sake.

  20. Good morning all:

    I am asking for confirmation with respect to this exit signal and its relationship with the "perfect portfoilo".

    With the Daily "Trade Triangles" flash exit signal on 3-19-2010 at $1,106.80 in basis spot gold does this mean the investor should be selling "GLD" and buying "DGZ"? Or should we simply wait for the trade triangles to communicate the sell and buy action? Please clarify when using the "perfect portfolio" should the investor pay attention to the daily, weekly, or monthly trade triangle signals?

    Adams's and or other comments will be helpful for this new MarketClub investor who is following the "perfect portfolio" method.


  21. EW theory and more conventional T.A is indicating to me that the dollar is headed a lot higher. Result.. stocks and commodities down. I expect at some point for gold to decouple from the inverse relationship with the dollar. I think that's a lttle further down the road though. Good investing and trading to all.

      1. Dollar might be about to fall out of bed. Maybe a good time for another dollar analysis Adam?

  22. If your a trader then maybe its time to sell gold or short it.
    I am a long term holder and have been buying over the years,I agree I am
    more invested in gold and silver than I normally do.I will also buy on more dips.Untill I see things much more clearer in all this mess around I would be rather holding gold and silver than any currency.Gold in euros and pounds sterling has done quite well lately, so people who hedged their euros or sterling with gold have done quite well.

    I am a Gld bug..

  23. As long as you get your market fundamentals right, trading on a intraday/weekly basis is always a small percentage game within the scope of the main trend line/channel. So take your pick, go for nickel and dime moves in the market, or go for the big kill. There's no right or wrong, just a matter of individual preference

  24. Gold! Buy? Sell? Do not understand other then, GLD 100 December Call Option is 14.49 on March 19, 2010. A week ago it was $13.10. Where is that investment(?) coming from?

  25. Thanks,ADAM.
    I think Gold can be make dabble top 1200usd.65%percent chance gold make dabble top then come back 950usd.

    1. It seems that gold from 1.5 month later start a rubbit move .
      starting from 1044.5 into 1200 during 4 month .
      that will explain why 1118.92 is a long buy signal ,
      and 1098 I thought is the bottom start rabbit move , thanks to adam

    2. Gaps are known to get filled about 70% of the time. What that means in this situation is that the price will most likely sell back down to fill that gap before trying to move higher.
      I think that 1098 is the bottom target .

    3. Bilal , gold bottom 2010 is 1044.5
      lower hard cause there must be 25% yearly for 2010
      and that is :
      1/ 1227 ( top of 2009 ) *1.25=1533 gold 2010 target
      2/ 1044.5*1.25 = 1300 coming target in late 2010

  26. Adam,

    I watched your videos and read alerts but to be honest your system jump in and out very late. Here is an example...in this week you alert buy gold when it was already at 118 and now got sell when it was already at 1106.

    Do you think it helps to gain or save from loss to a trader. Dollar was making base aroun 79 and it give signal yesterday to move upward from here. You made good effort to develop this tool but to be honest there are many other very good web sites giving better and in time a alert.

    I do not mean to critize you or be negative.You guyes need to think to improve it.

    Best regards,


  27. I am surprised at all these remarks. The maxim in Gold Investing is "Do not treat Gold as a trading activity but as an investment."

    History bears witness to this maxim. Gold was always bought and sold as an investment. That is why some nations who have a historical mind of their nation's grand past are buying gold by the tons in recent years unlike the Western nations like United Kingdom and the USA who have frittered away their national treasury of gold their forefathers had stockpiled.

    Why do you think India, China, Sri Lanka, the Arab nations, Asian nations, etc. have been aggressive but low profile buyers of gold in recent years?

    Because they know that gold is the "ultimate currency" not the American dollar or for that matter, the currency of any country. Only the myopic governments of the American and European nations still live in a fool's paradise where they believe that you can create a nation's wealth by printing and issuing by fiat near valueless currency notes.

  28. Winston, where in the Bible does it tell us that Gold and Silver will be so worthless that we will be throwing it into the streets? Agreed we are near End Times in the Bible and that is why or Paper Dollar will be thrown into the streets and Gold and Silver will become and used as the as the currency of the End Times as it was in the Bible Days!!! Keep printing that Fiat Currency and when they can't manupulate Gold and Silver any more because they have printed too much paper the dollar will collapse and we will watch Gold And Silver go to the moon!

  29. Gold will touch 1050$-20$ on lower side till May End and thereafter only a new bull run will start which will make new high in gold. Till that trading range will be very choppy. So sell on every rise taking SL as 1160 on CLOSING BASIS

  30. I have not yet commented and this will be my first time. I have followed the trade triangles and mostly the technical’s. I think if you can check them both against each other you will find a more accurate chance of future swing. Right now on technical’s, the scholastics are showing a downtrend in gold. The problem is you have to check daily to see if that is beginning to change. We have bee topping on the market for awhile now and its no surprise to se it pull back from here. Now you need to watch daily for that change. I got short oil a little too soon, but now seeing that start to turn a bit as well. I think we may see a short run to the downside then back up again. Hold on to cash and get ready to buy . Just wait........

    1. adam ihave a problem i trade on daily charts. on friday morning because of thursday rally the daily last candle was bullish but as on friday market fall from 1120 to 1105 the same candle of previous day become red and today i mean saturday one more barrish candle seen. my point is how a previous day candle change in the next days price action. i take trade on daily candle if the last days candle bullish i go long as long as any barrish candle occur in this case i see a bullish on friday of the previous days price action and go long as my trading plan was this . i never chang my trading plan please help me thanks you

      1. Ashwani,

        There are certain candlestick formations that are more powerful than others. Call our office and ask for our candlestick bonus e-book.


  31. Adam,
    Thanks for your web site I look at it every day!
    My comments with the Oil ,Gold, Silver on other metals.
    With all the fed printing that has gone on all over the world within 6 to 9 months (your time frame) we will get inflation BIG TIME. Great work on your site.

    Thanks Again,

  32. The Bible tells us that there will be a time (and I think we are very close) that the global economy will be so devastating that people will be throwing their gold and silver "into the streets" as it will be worthless. So, how could this happen? Well, it appears that there are countries such as China, Russia, and allied socialist/communist countries will create a currency standard that will replace gold and any other collectable metals with something entirely different. All nations must be in agreement for that to work and that too is in the works. When this happens there will be a global network of 10 nations, meaning througout the world nations will be combined (e.g., Australia with New Zealand; Canada, U.S.A., Mexico; etc.) and these will be the New Word Order for a One World Government/Economy/Religion. Wait and see, because God's Word is true and He cannont lie.

  33. Just so happens gold's price action and the daily signal are out of sorts. It happens. Bottom line is, it's not trending. So find another mkt. I'm staying a little long, GLD. Not leveraged. And there's a fund, PRPFX, 1/3 precious metals, 1/3 stocks (mostly natural resource), 1/3 bonds (mostly treasuries). Triangles up.

  34. Let's keep in mind that part of successful trading is taking the occasional (hopefully small) loss, and I certainly think this one would qualify as small. No form of market analysis, including the trade triangles, is 100% accurate. Over the longer term, however, good market analysis systems prove themselves. And the traders that use these systems have to play, for it to pay!

    1. Crawford,

      Thank you for your feedback. You certainly understand how the game is played. No system including our trade triangles approach is ever 100% correct.

      I know based on history that were going to take losses in this program. I also know that we're going to take some exceptional profits that will far exceed any losses taken.

      All the best,

  35. Gold went down hard in a heartbeat during the Crimex session this morning for no apparent reason. It's just another raid by the same Gold cartel. Those who follow the charts under this managed (manipulated) market will be whiplashed to death.
    Likely reason for gold's severe drop this morning?
    More treasury auctions next week as well as options expiry (can't have the gold bulls finish in the money).
    US financial markets have become the largest rigged casino in the world.
    Unfortunatelly fundamentals and charts don't work when markets are being manipulated.The riggers (Fed, Central Banks) can fool all of us to believe anything they want us to believe by painting the charts however they see fit.

  36. I was lucky to get out right on the top and Sold from 1115.00 and got two profits 1st at 1109 and 2nd 1102. I belieave we will have small pull back up in first 1-2 hours on Monday and than decline again where I will get in sell again with profit target as Adam showed in his last video. I beliave 1st take profits might be at 1090 and 2nd 1075.I will not risk to sell further. At this level 1075-1050 market might do its corections before to go up. Put horisontal line on the tops of its corection-as a guide BUY LONG position.

    Good luck guys!
    Thanks to Adam!

  37. Hi,
    I don't think we can blame Trade Triangles for the choppiness in the markets. The Triangles are formula driven and if the conditions are met, they will generate a signal.
    I am no expert trader but I think we need to see what else is happening in the market. What I do is check the signal with what MACD is doing. If you look at the charts, at the time of last Buy signal, MACD signal line was below Divergence line indicating weakness. That's in addition to bearish divergence on MACD that Adam spoke about few days back.

  38. It's not too smart to be trading the daily triangles anyway. Just look at the history - almost always buying high and selling low. By the time we get them, it's too late anyway. Always use other means to confirm.

  39. I had a short play on GDX that stopped out with a small loss about the time your up gold signal came in. This cycle according to the MACD and other signals is almost unreadable. Of course now that the market headed sown for the last two sessions I wish I hadn't been stopped out, but those are the rules you have to play by. It seems like I get just about the same signals as you do just about the same time, and I'm happy to say that this past year was the firs time my trades were profitable enough to consider this as a real business. I'd have to say that most of my trades lately have been good ones, but when I get stopped out like this time, from past experience it means to take a step back and wait. When in doubt, stay out. Better to be in cash than lose your a..


  40. Adam,I have gone from full fledge gold/silver bug (over-exposed and long in bullion since 2006) to trader wanna-be. I have paid & followed two great Commodity traders and lost 10% this year cause I would go all in as soon as I heard low risk trade.

    I know that I have the short-term/ day trader type personality. In today's market long and hold "feels" too risky imho. My interest in joining Market Club is to master one style (short term swing or intra daytrading) while reducing risk. Have I come to the right place? (PS I am a real fan of yours. Educating us newbies must be tough and you have a gift.) I know this much: You can only learn how to react to what happens in the market. With computer trading systems, the dance between the dollar, euro and gold, we are lucky if we make money at all 🙂

    I can't blame neither the experts nor the market for my loss. I have heard that intra-trading gold in choppy markets is a good technique to apply. I have heard that the less time you are in the market the less you risk. I have only a cash account and have made tiny small profits using candlesticks with very limited day trading. Ques: I know that a margin account is needed for day trading which is my "main" reason to vote against this style. I don't see why anyone should leverage if they have the money in their account. As a beginner I find it almost impossible to keep track of 10 different asset classes and stocks at a time so I try to do 1 at a time though I know the approach is all wrong. 🙁

  41. Given the relative strength of the shares against the dollar's rise and the fact that this is another down Friday gold which has been the hallmark of its trading for almost 9 years, and you are a seller, I am a buyer on the opening Monday. Thanks again for a profitable opportunity. You just don't see it.

  42. Hi to all the people complaining about the gold signal, that is how you trade and make money. If you realize you were wrong, you immediately exit the trade with a small loss, it is call money management.

  43. Adam,
    Thanks for all of the information market club provides, its appreciated!

    As for Gold, for me its important to hold onto my core position so I'm holding for now.

    Mike (near Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

  44. Instead of congratulating you on the tight trades they complain.
    Some people would compalin if they were hung with a new rope?

    Good Work!


  45. Adam,

    Know this is choppy and need to manage our accounts. When you refer to exit gold are you referring strictly to the shorter term trader? What is your position at this point regarding longer dated contracts? May, June January etc.

    Do your trade triangles apply to all positions held?

    Thanks for your comments.


    1. Dennis,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      The signal was an exit long positions on a short term basis, but not to go short.


  46. Adam, you are right, not only is the gold market choppy but so is everything else. It wouldn't surprise me to see a sucker reversal of everything to the downside. It looks like the Euro and the Dollar are going to resume last months trend.

    1. Keith,

      What makes you think the Euro is gonna retrace its recent loses and continue upward against the dollar?

      Just interesting in getting some opinions. I'm currently long the EUR/USD.

  47. With the whole question of gold trading in the OTC markets and the regulated one (next hearings by the CFTC to come!) and with a lot of "(des)informations", it's effectively a choppy market with 20-30 $ swings!
    Have a close look on your charts!!!

  48. Arlo,

    It is called money management. We have a choppy market in gold right now. We are just reporting the alerts. As always you should be diversified into several non correlating asset classes to reduce risk.

    All the best,

    1. I moved out of gold/silver monday as I agreed per your earlier videos that a move lower was more likely.

      the rally through tuesday-thursday was disappointing + a buy signal from yourself & others added to this disappointment.

      Conformation today of gold being now tightly range bound is comforting as the the next boat has yet to sail+ the video about gold cycles still stand.

      regards as the videos are enjoyable.

    2. Adam, i reviewed your recent Gold videos several times and i disagree with your conclusions. the 2008 sell off was an anomaly. if you smooth out the 2008 correction, you will see an uptrend solidly in place.

      you suggested, based on historical analysis, that we might not see new gold highs until april 2011. i disagree. i think we will see new gold highs before the end of May 2010.

      imho, investors / traders should be gold buyers right now. under 1110.

      Greece is faltering and the EU is hesitating yet the US dollar index can't penetrate 81 and hold the gain.

      good luck to all

    3. That's cool. I like the videos. I'm in oil, gold, silver, platinum, and copper juniors. So when the USA dollar rallies I'm not happy, usually. Greece is ruining everything!

      Bullion banks keep selling when gold approaches $1130.

      Gold priced in the British pound actually rose today...

      Yes, I admit it, I'm a gold bug....

    4. What is a good diversification replacement for gold (precious metals)temporarily? Or is the only alternative to short gold?

      1. Louise,

        We trade gold from both sides. Long or short as long as the market moves we are happy.

        All the best,

    5. Good traders will know when to get out of a trade even if they have a loss position. My prediction for next week is Gold down, all market indexes down, US dollar up. Good luck!

      1. so .............if you can see clearly ............your an idiot..............do you like obama healthcare bill................than your truly an idiot

    1. Gold will not top $1200 again for sometime. Wait for interest rates to signal a time to get back in. Gold's journey is south from here on out until inflation start's kicking in and is realized (that will be awhile). You can quote me! Oil will probably follow suit after May. It will end April in the low 80's and head south after that........But who am I? Good Luck

      1. You have to remember Gold and silver are" managed" markets. Is it not possible that with the truckload of derivatives at the bullion banks disposal that they cant paint the charts to make them look like they want? war is about propaganda and as Jim Sinclair says MOPE ( Management of Perceived Economics ) is an important weapon in dispiriting traders.
        Charts are one thing but I'm thinking fundamentals will eventually totally overwhelm these markets.
        The Black Swans are readying to take flight. First they crapped on Dubai after landing on the Burj Khalifa ( the world's tallest tower) then they crapped on the Parthenon ...it wont be long before they will be heading for a prized piece of architecture near you.

        1. I like your humour Chris the bit at the end gave us a good laugh in these trying times.

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