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  1. There are a thousand examples of successful trade triangles...but just for one: Ventana Gold (VEN.TO) Monthly trade triangle at $0.54. Now trades at $9.40 (Canadian) and rising. That's about 1700% return in a year.

    Not bad!

  2. Adam,

    Please consider the alert system that members can choose asset class they prefer to be alerted. I have suggested that one way to accomplish that is to add date/time stamp on trade triangle email alert. Right now the smart scan alert for portofolio is not effective.

    I recalled you have suggested that we may just do search trade triangle. I did for a few days, now I got busy, I just forget to do it on daily basis.

    I really like your update videos on major market update such as DJI, S&P 500, NASDA, GOLD, BOND. I knew you are trying your best and you want to update them at technical turning moment, but it currently not communicate effectively. you may provide a menu that members can choose all they like, then you send them email alert.

    Best wish


  3. Mister Hewison, Thank you for the alert service.
    Technical picture looks attractive for GLD (long).
    Thank you for your reviews and informative videos.
    I noticed that your popularity on internet grew
    significantly this year.

  4. Hello to all,

    dear Mark, you said that we are living in a currency bubble. i wonder do you believe this is also true for the Brazilian Real?

    sorry for the irrelevant question to the blog.


  5. Adam---thanks for all the information and analysis. Please remember, for every malcontent there are many, many trader/investors who are grateful to you for your efforts

  6. hi adam , I hope that clown didn`t upset you too much,I have watched lots of your video`s and for free I think you do a grand job.
    hey if you helped that man to be a millionaire he would still complain. I wish you all the best and keep up the good work and hey you can keep your head held high as you have helped so many.

  7. Hi Adam,
    In 1 of your last videos that you have posted, you had emphasized on the bearish engulfing on the weekly chart of gold, and currently you are saying that your daily trade triangles are showing a buy signal. So does this mean that the bearish engulfing has ben negated, or are we still bearish on the the weekly side of things? Wats going on?

    1. Farhaan,

      We go with the signal on the daily Trade Triangles. Right now that is a but from 1,118.92.


  8. 'I also heard via internet, that Iceland voted (in a referendum) down bank bailout-93 % against banker bailout.'

    The vote was not on a a 'banker bailout'. When the Icelandic bank offshoots in the UK and the Netherlands collapsed, the two governments stepped in to compensate depositors. They then looked to Iceland to recompense them as the Icelandic authorities has let down the world system by not regulating their banks. The people voted against this compensation and the country will now become black listed . But this does not affect the world financial markets.

    Change your blog or newspaper source!


  9. Hi, Adam.

    Thanks for your signal.
    You remain a gentleman.
    Free excellent advice with no axe to grind and you still deal with doubtful naysayers in a kind manner.
    As I recall, your last call to the downside was not appreciated by some.
    You were spot on.
    Thank you for all you do.
    Your continuing education for all of us will hopefully bring you more loyal followers and subscribers.

    All the best,


  10. Gold trend from Dec 2009 to Apr 2010 is moving as
    1033.90 to 1007.70
    then will be fall down as to 859.90 until July

  11. Hi All ,
    I t seems that Gold will reach these levels in the coming days,
    1/1118.92+21=1139.21( first coming target )
    2/1139.21+21=1160.21(that was in 11/1/2010)
    target will be over this value
    3/1160.21+21=1181.21(in the coming days... )most likely will be the top
    4/1181.21+21=1202.21 ( ??? )
    Be careful after the third level , cause you must sell and go out the market if not reached the fourth level ( Gold will fall down into this value : /top-84/ target again )
    The coming trading safe inter will be in July.

  12. Mark,

    I'm not sure I understand where you're coming from Mark. I don't know who you are so how can I dislike you?

    I also looked up to see if you are a member of MarketClub and maybe I'm mistaken but I don't believe you are.

    If you understand how our trade triangles work, I think you would be less inclined to say that they don't work.

    There is not a system or approach that I am aware of that is 100% correct on every trade. It just doesn't exist.

    We advocate trading with a game plan and filtering trades. That approach has not changed since we started MarketClub.

    We have thousands of members who use our trade triangle technology successfully every day and I'm sure some of them will be only too happy to say that.

    We could not stay in business if we were not a first-class operation with the highest integrity. I am incredibly confident and comfortable in saying that the Trade Triangle approach works. However if you were to just look at one signal, in any system, including ours and say it doesn't work then you're missing the big picture.

    All the best,

  13. I know you don't like me Adam and I know that, although you do try to help us in any way that you can, you consistently fail to allow posts that balance all of your rave reviews and Saturday success stories.

    I wrote a post asking what was the deal with the monthly red triangles that your system came up four to six weeks ago for GDX, and all the major mining stocks. All of these have risen since that bad signal. Why don't you allow this fact to be posted? I think we would all benefit from a balanced and fair assessment of the facts, but you control this board like the Chinese do their internet for their citizens. You allow what is postive about your system while blocking content that isn't as favorable.. Is this about sales or trading?

    To me there are more factors invovled in these markets that need to be considered other than simplistic wave patterns in the charts. The reasons for these fluctuations are just as, or more important than, simple technical factors. For example, the fact that the problem in the Euro Zone with Greece and others were bound to be addressed to reverse the strong dead cat bounce in the US$ Index... was highly probable and also didn't necessarily translate into a stronger dollar in reality, but just relative stronger than the Euro that was under great short term pressure.

    I could have sold my mining positions based on the monthly red trade triangle afer I loaded up on the way down, but chose to hold because I felt like the dollar bounce was an exagerrated and overdone temporary knee jerk reaction relating to Greece's fiscal issues. The long term decline on the dollar because of severe mismanagement of our country trumps the temporary decline in the Euro. Even if the Euro does continue to face pressure, gold should stay firm and go higher because all of these fiat currencies are losing credibility with traders round the world...You don't think that people in Europe are buying gold for the same reasons the rest of the world is?

    We are living in a huge Currency bubble that will pop like Mt St Helens. It is a fiat currency bubble that is backed by good faith in irresponsible, progressive, and ideological and liberal government that has spread like a cancer all over the westrern world.

    Does anyone believe that these inflated currencies will hold their value as western governments print money like druken sailors?

    No comrade. :::O)))

    I am expecting to be excluded form this blog..and not from posting distasteful material or profanity, but simply becasue I question the Trade Triangle Only approach to trading gold and that isn't good for business.



  14. Adam, Please take a look at the timing of the monthly sell signal for GDX. It seems like the timing of that was very poor. I think GDX has gone up steadily since that monthly Red Triangle. What will it take for it to turn to a green monthly again?

    Thanks, Mark

  15. Didn't we just get a long montly trade SELL signal 2 weeks ago?

    Talk about whipsaw.
    This is a bit disconcerning to get whipsawed like this.

    However, the general market also did the same thing over the past month.

    1. Edmund.

      You are correct, we did exit from gold two weeks ago. We just re-entered into a long position today that was six dollars lower than our exit price two weeks ago.


  16. That was a no brainer situation in my opionion with the nice "head and shouders" pattern we had on the US$ Index chart. Oh yeah.. it was poised to drop!

    Watch out below!

    Will Gold test and break the recent highs before we have more trouble in the Euro Zone? Hmmm....

    I fink so!

  17. LJ.

    Thanks for your feedback. I thought the alert was clear, but I can see now how it could be confusing.

    I have changed the wording to make clear what the alert means. When I said "Short term" that was referring to the time frame not the direction of the market position.

    All the best.


  18. Thank you for your alert. I apologise but I am not clear if this is a signal to go long or short. Thank you!

  19. What is a "Short term enter signal today"?

    Is this to go Short for a short term or to go long for a short term on the enter signal???

    For those of us that can not see the Trade Triangles.


  20. and that is a signal on the long side.. I assume. I'm still new to the trade triangles signals.

  21. Adam, recently you addressed the opinion that gold is going to be going sideways for many months to come. Are there any key levels in gold that if and when taken out will signal that new all time highs are on the way in the months to come?

    1. Keith,

      I still think we are in a broad trading range. Technically all our triangles are green and positive.

      The high we saw last December, I expect will hold for the balance of the year.

      Lot's of trading opportunities in gold this year.


  22. Excuse me for being a little confused.
    Your video said gold would go down.
    Is this post saying buy or sell?

      1. Hi Adam

        Just a hi to you from my side and its been long time i emailed or
        posted on ino forums.

        I would like to know what is the near term target for Gold given
        the situation with Double dip and there is not a solution for
        fiscal deficits which most nations including US are facing right
        now due to continuous money flow and outgo pressure.

        I am predicting a dollar weakness and Real and Rupee strengthening
        and China needs to straighten out its economy and stop inflating
        figures just for Projection sake.

        I would like your views on what could be the outcome for 2010 year end and as of now Indian Markets are pretty strong ready for a
        Bull Run technically.

        Kasi Viswanathan

        1. Kasi,

          Thank you for your feedback. I will get to it next week as we are super busy preparing for this week's webinar.

          It looks like we'll have some interesting markets for the balance of 2010.

          All the best,

  23. members should be alerted by sending emails which can guide them to take timely decision.

    1. Bippin,

      We do have an alert system that is available to all members that you can easily set up.

      I will pass your idea along to our tech team.


  24. Good gold buy signal. As, gold has held up well while dollar stengthened.
    Now, dollar is fallling, so gold buy is good.
    I heard Europeans are bailing out Greece; bullish for gold.
    Recently, gold is in up trend: higher tops and bottoms.

    Greek bailout is another bad precedent for world economy. In late 1970's Pres. Gerald Ford would not bail out NYC while he was president. But that was good medicine
    for NYC, which got its financial act together and later became a world class city in 1980's and 1990's.

    I also heard via internet, that Iceland voted (in a referendum) down bank bailout-93 % against banker bailout.

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