30 thoughts on “Alert: "Perfect Portfolio" New Monthly Signal in USO

    1. VBK,
      Not really. Be sure not to confuse the market recovery with an economic recovery, they are two very different things.

      I finally watched the perfect portfolio video. My take away was that it is a recommendation for a buy and hold strategy. Can't say I endorse that; the only way that works is if you have patience of Warren Buffett. And I don't! So I play the swings . . . At some point you need to exit the trade to lock in the profits, before they slip away. Like I said earlier, Good entries are a dime a dozen, trade management is the hard part . . . !

      Good Luck

  1. If one were to play the "perfect portfolio" I am presuming the trader would use stops. Correct?

  2. Merryl Lynch and others don't even recognize USO as a reliable trading fund and flat out refuse their clients requests to be in it. It has failed to track the price of Oil accurately over time. Should we consider this? Should we be using another vehicle to trade oil? I believe yes.

    1. Hey George,
      Probably because the ETF USO is based in futures contracts. All else being equal, the value of any ETF based in futures will just bleed away. So you are right to be careful of these "investment" vehicles.

      OIH may be an alternative for you, I believe the fund is based in stocks; though it is not a pure "oil" play. Otherwise, I don't think there is an ETF that just tracks the spot price of oil. I wish there was!

      The best (only?) time to buy ETF's whose underlying is futures is on the dips. Like I did when it was last at 36 about two months ago; now it is at 41. You do the math. Now is the hard part: How to exit, or where to put the stop . . .

      Good Luck

  3. Haven't seen your video, but I'm glad to see you guys finally getting on board! The hammer candle on Feb 5 was the alert for an entry, then the following up days was the trigger for an entry.

    As I have heard another say (and am now fond of saying myself): Good entries are a dime a dozen. Trade management (with our stops) is the hard part.

    I'll check out the video, maybe it answers the next questions, but what is your risk in the trade? Where did (do) you recommend the stop?

    Good Luck to All

    1. Hi David,

      There is a blog post from February that has all of the "Perfect Portfolio" links in it that I have included below. I think you'll find it helpful in learning more about this strategy.


      We have also recorded the webinar in which Adam goes more in depth with this "Portfolio":

      "Perfect Portfolio" recording:


      Please let us know if you have any other questions. Hope you're having a great weekend!


      Susan Jackson
      Director of MarketClub Education
      INO.com & MarketClub

  4. (1.) What are the single inverse ETFs recommended for use with the "Perfect Portfolio" selections: GLD, USO, FXE ?

    (2.) Since there is "degradation" in returns from long term inverse ETFs investments, what holding guidelines do you recommend for use with inverse etfs?

    (3.) Are there any performance studies for the "Perfect Portfolio" and also using inverse etfs?

    Thanks, Matt

    1. Hey Matt,

      I think your comment got lost in moderation.

      I have included a link to a PDF of our FAQs about the Perfect Portfolio methodology and presentation. The inverse ETFs are in there as well as some performance stats. Please let our Customer Service teams know if you have any further questions.



      Lindsay Bittinger
      INO.com & MarketClub

  5. It's time someone said - -"Thank You Susan."
    THANK YOU SUSAN - another great lead from Market Club
    and we will see how it goes - the MC average results are very good and I expect this will be also.
    There is no certainty for the future however much you pay to anyone.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Thanks so much, and you are certainly welcome!

      Enjoy the rest of this weekend,

      Susan Jackson
      Director of MarketClub Education
      INO.com & MarketClub

  6. Susan

    The word 'oil' should appear somewhere in this case. eg 'New monthly green triangle for Oil(PACF_USO)'

    Trading codes should not appear in isolation. Some of them can't even help someone guess what they are.


  7. i missed the webinar on the perfect portfolio never saw the recorded am i just not finding it where can i locate it thanks

  8. Is the weekly trade triangle currently showing buy signal as well? It looks to me like this might be a Triple-top break out for USO.

    What is this. I am having to search Google. Can't you use plain English in addition. There is plenty of room.

    1. Hi Graham,

      I'm not quite sure what you mean by using "plain English", but the PACF_USO is UNITED STATES OIL FUND LP. It is listed on the NYSE. Here it the link to the chart on INO.com:


      If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know.


      Susan Jackson
      Director of MarketClub Education
      INO.com & MarketClub

  10. Looking over last years charts it looks like it would only go up a day or two more. Volume is very low and I remain cautious here. Lets see how Monday goes.

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