Amazing Freedom with Forex Trading

Brian Campbell is the author of the Rapid Forex trading blog and a full-time forex trader by way of "Forex Sailing." Today on the Trader's Blog, he is sharing a few of his forex tips with you.

If you're interested in Brian's techniques, take a look at the Rapid Forex trading blog and find out more about his free 20-day forex training course, plus the soon to be released Forex Sailing Trading Seminar available exclusively on the Rapid Forex blog.

The greatest way to make money that I've ever discovered is online forex trading. As a mobile forex trader you can go anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop & an internet connection (I also require a hot-tub).

Getting Rich While Traveling

Is it really possible to trade the forex anywhere in the world?

Yes! I recently liquidated all of my personal assets (home, car, other stuff) to tour the world as a forex trader. I'm currently in Maui logging into my forex trading account for about 30 minutes per day (who wants to work hard, that's why I invest my money).

The rest of my life is mine to enjoy without tediously never-ending, backbreaking work!

If you're smart about it, you can travel the world for less money than you currently pay for living expenses to stay at home.

Most people can't travel the world because they have a job at a fixed location. As forex traders, we can be anywhere in the world. I'm writing this at a coffee shop about 15 minutes before going to the beach for the rest of the day.

Right now you're probably wondering:

“This sounds great, but how do I make money with forex trading so I can travel the world as a forex trader?”

Forex Sailing in a Nutshell

My favorite method of forex trading is Forex Sailing. Forex Sailing allows you to trade by only
looking at forex charts 15-30 minutes a day.

Here are the basics of how Forex Sailing works:

1.      Use 4 hour charts

2.      Look for Fibonacci Wave Patterns after a trendline break

3.      Wait for the Fibonacci pull back at 62% to get in

4.      Set your stop order for the 0% (bottom of the wave)

5.      Move your stop to the 62% level when the trade hits 162%

6.      Trail stops to follow the trend until the trade exits

This is the simple version of Forex Sailing. There are advanced variations & some money management principles to follow, but this basic method is the basis for my favorite forex trading system, Forex Sailing.

I'll soon be teaching this method completely on the rapid forex blog to show you how great it works to produce forex trading success, but you actually have the summarized version of the method in the 6 steps above.

Experiment with Forex Sailing and see how you can trade by looking at the charts only once per day (4 hours charts take about a day to show significant change (6 candles in 24 hours with 4 hour charts).

Leverage Success Into Wealth

Albert Einstein listed compound interest as one of the miracles of the universe.  When interest builds on itself, you must become wealthy.

Let your money grow...

Ok, this is easier said than done. But everything is easier said than done. Learning to be a profitable forex trader will require some time and money to learn, but success will enable you to do anything you want to do financially.

Most people lose money trading forex. Even though people lose money doesn't mean that you can't learn to make money at forex trading.

With trillions of dollars in play daily, the forex is the perfect place to grab your fortune and get what you want out of life.

Decide to be a Forex Trader Now

If you'd like to make money trading forex online, decide today that you will learn. Don't stop until you do.

I look forward to meeting you in a hot tub one day in an exotic land far from our “normal” way of life...

Until then, start taking forex trading seriously!


Brian Campbell


13 thoughts on “Amazing Freedom with Forex Trading

  1. Forex is a viable income stream. Believe me, be an ex stock market day trader, Forex is the only way to go. there are no commissions, and it takes very little capital. In the equity markets you need at least 2500 to open up a decent position. If you lucky, within three days, you hope to make a 5% gain. But take out 20 bucks in round trip commissions, and your left with 100 bucks. In Forex your 2500 will gain you 100 bucks in 5 minutes or less!! You have to be very disciplined and use stop losses!! No exceptions, or you'll be crushed within minutes!! Thats the only downside.

  2. Excellent! Nice Blog. Good information. I would like to visit again and spread the word. Keep it up. I do agree Forex Currency trading is a blessing now a days. But must be careful and spend some time learning it rather treating it as a get rich quick scheme.
    Good Job.

  3. Hi Brian,

    I have tried FOREX with some loss and gain.
    Always, interested in learning more and follow what you are the life the way you want it.

    I will check out your blog and for more knowledge.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Brian. Maui, huh? I'm currently experimenting with swing trades in the evenings and interested in trading e-minis or forex. One of my workmates trades forex for about 8 pips on his lunch break each day. We're in Paia. The "Green Banana" coffee shop has wireless and a "street-side" view of hippie chicks and sexy Argentines walking by all day. It'd be cool to talk shop at lunch or pau hana (when work is done). email me or comment back. Gary.

  5. @Joe - I'll be posting a full explanation on my blog showing you what Fibonacci wave patterns are & how to trade them. It'll be part of a 60-90 minute free forex trading video seminar that'll be released in a few days.

    @Nick - I know it "sounds" crazy, but it's the life I'm living. 2% of the people in this country control 98% of the wealth. Just because 90% of people fail (nobody knows the real number) doesn't mean that you or I can't make money. Looking at it more positively, 90% of the people are "giving" the successful traders money. I'm willing to be one of the 10 people out of 100 getting the other 90 people's money 🙂 This article wasn't a "how to trade forex" article. I've got tons of those on my blog, this was a post about why forex trading is cool.

    @Paul - thanks for sharing this link, there are some good thoughts there 🙂

  6. well, I went to the site after seeing the info on MC here.
    Sounded good, I wrote to Mr Campbell.
    Having done that I decided to do my due diligence and research him.
    According to ForexPeaceArmy he is a scamster. Why was I exposed to this via MC?

    1. BG & Lu,

      I'm sorry that this guest poster was not thoroughly researched. We have asked our team to research their blog friends before we allow them to share their ideas. I'm sorry and again we will try to prevent non-creditable posters from making their way on to the Trader's Blog again.


      Lindsay Bittinger & MarketClub

  7. You make Trading Sound like a fairy tale amazing yet 90% lose. This is false propaganda, you do not show trading as it really is.

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