Saturday Success Story - William, Minnesota

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Here's great news from a member...

"At one time I was a buy and hold investor. I can't afford that approach with retirement's no longer acceptable to have markets move up by 50% and then down 60%. I in the process of making the big shift by active trading using Fibonacci and Eliot Wave set ups. Market Club simplifies the process substantially by identifying trades through market triangle identification and allows you to quickly set up and execute the trade. It's like bringing the whole market to your feet." ~ William B., Minnesota

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - William, Minnesota

  1. what moving average combination should we used for short term, mid term & long term.

  2. I've been wathing market club/adam hewetson for a while and I like what I see and I want in!
    How much is it gonna cost? In total:-data-triangles-whatever?
    I just wanta do forex, therefore with Interactive Brokers I have free data-whats the total cost-without data???
    Come on Adam you look like a smart and handsome guy-what can you do?

    regards victor.

    1. Hi Viktor,

      Thanks for your interest in MarketClub. Our service is a flat-rate service, so one price gives you access to everything that MarketClub has to offer - our premium streaming charts, "Trade Triangles", Trade School, Portfolio Manager, and more.

      Our normal prices are $449 USD for the year or $150 USD each quarter, but we are running a discounted in-office special. I have passed your information along to our member services team to contact you regarding this offer, but you can also give us a call at 1-800-538-7424 or email se*****@in*.com.


      Susan Jackson
      Director of MarketClub Education and MarketClub

  3. ...... Hi, first blog with MarketClub, first of all we hate the oil thing as much as you do its like walking in to your good neighbours home and forgetting you have dirty boots on, really! truly sorry, thank the Lord the two don't mix then we would all of us be in real trouble.
    ... Did anyone call BRE: Brit Insurance PLC. for friday the 10th. any one even know how to find who knew about that one or what the indicators could have been, good divvi, low volume on the day.
    I just think if it where possible to find who knew it would say a lot.

    Our DC is on the spill now working hard in the background, who is building Deep Ocean Bathoscope's in order for men to work and live at these depths, what about your Liberty yards they usually deliver in times of crisis and this is starting to get a little 'hairy' now!

    Regards at the club.
    uk kk.

  4. When Adam is giving his update and showing a chart, the chart if very small so you can't read any numbers or writing on it. I only have a 19 inch monitor and you are using less than a third of it. How about providing a way to increase the size of the chart to the full screen so that we can see the details of what he is talking about.


    1. William,

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      At the present time is not possible to do that with the particular software that we use to create our educational videos.

      I expect that this may will change in the future.

      All the best,

  5. What is this fibonacci stuff? How do you use it? I see it available on my charts but I don't see any directions on how to use it.


    1. William,

      Thank you for your question.

      The Fibonacci rule or Fibonacci retracement rule is an important element that you should learn. One of the easiest ways to learn is to watch our free videos. I normally include a Fibonacci lessons in each video.

      All the best,

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