No leaks in this crude oil market

The massive move-up in crude oil on Monday created a new dynamic for this in-the-news market. The move to two-month highs completed one of our favorite major technical formations.

In this short video, I share with you two conflicting indicators and which one I am choosing to go with. I think you'll find this video technically interesting as well as educational.

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15 thoughts on “No leaks in this crude oil market

  1. To Thomas Shawn,

    Thank you so much fo detailed info, I appreciate it.
    Alpari probably handled by Russian'big guys' I do not want to deal with them, I know nothing end for good with them!!!

    Regarding Oanda i heard that they are ok, untill you did not make money. I do not know, let me know if you try them, ok?

    Ivanka. [email protected]

  2. I've tried Alpari on demo and liked it but they told me they do not do accounts in the USA. Then I saw an add that said they did. I just liked the simplicity of the software and the look/feel.

    I am testing out OANDA and especially their IPHONE application.

    Next I am going to take a look at GFT.

    But my long time loyalties are to thinkorswim though their spreads may not be the best.

    I don't know a thing about these brokers ability to handle larger sizes than the others. I suppose if they are a legit broker even $50/pip size should matter a bit in the forex market. Just stick with the HUGE brokers.

    Deutche Bank looks interesting.

  3. JOHN, Thank you for feedback, I appresiate it so much!

    I have a plan! I make 10% up 30% a week from funds in account, risking with Stoploss max 28 pips.per trade.

    I heard a lot about interactive brokers but just wanted to confirm with you guys.
    I wanna opening positions up to $50-100$/pip, so can I trade with Interactive Brokers without warrings for stoploss hunting or something like that? Do not lough please, I just looking for friends here who know for sure. I bet all of you guys do pretty good.
    Thank a lot!

    Looking forward.
    Ivanka. [email protected]

  4. To Thomas Shawn,
    Thank you so much for your feedback Thomas. I will try with them too!
    Did you try Alpari or ODL, are they any good for Forex big lots, more then $50/pip?

    Looking forward,

  5. To Theo Witteveen,

    Thank you a Lot for your feedback. Do not they do stop loss hunting or platform closing?
    I H O P E no, please, REPLY me.

    Thank you in advance,


  6. Take a look at 'Interactive Brokers'. Their trading platform is very easy to use! But before you start trading 'real money', use their 'virtual trading' platform to test your trading method.
    I 'virtual traded' for six months before I committed real money for trades.
    Have a PLAN, and trade your PLAN.


  7. I'll tell you the same thing I told the other guy, I was a broker for many years and left PFG in '08 but still fid them to be the broker of choice for futures and forex. One more and I am calling them to set up a referral fee but... they should have everything you need, would skip the brokers and go straight to PFG though.

    A fun video on the dollar-

    This is a factor in the crude oil I think, can't help but notice each time crude reaches $80-85 a barrel the S&P starts to fall apart. Will a collapsing dollar allow for crude to and the S&P to rally in tandem? Look forward to finding out.


  8. Thanks for flagging oil Adam, bc it has been channelling since May
    it kind of fell off my radar screen. I like the play using the UCO (double ETF)
    with a stop loss of the LL of the past 3-days minus minus 25-cents.

  9. Does the MACD give you additional confirmation about the up trend or it is a lagging indicator?

    1. Mark,

      The MACD indicator is more of a lagging indicator and not a predictive indicator. One of the things I like about the MACD is that it gives you some nice divergences that you can use to trade with.

      All the best,

  10. Ivanka ... check out Barron's #1 thinkorswim. Forex is not their forte but they are owned by TDAmeritrade and they are a very upstanding firm.

    To all ... check out stock symbol USO if you want to trade on a proxy for oil. It is not exact but if you are in a IRA or just cannot handle the size of futures .. its one vehicle to use and the trade triangles seem to be lining up pretty good.

  11. Hello dear guys!

    PLEASE advice a reliable broker for FOREX trading. I do not have friends yet in Forex, so have

    nobody to advice me. PLEASE GUYS!

    Thanks in advance!


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