Saturday Success Story - Dan, California

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Here's great news from a member...

"I think MarketClub's services are outstanding. I trade equities, options, Forex and futures. Your trade triangle technology really helps identify the trends. When I see the monthly and weekly triangles in alignment and a high score (or low score if I want to short), I know the move should have legs and it normally does. I am really taking advantage of the Alerts. I have the strike price set for all my options and when I get the email saying the alert was triggered, I know it's time to manage the position. After viewing one of your recent videos, I've now set the Alerts to scan the monthly/weekly triangles on the equities I'm stalking (all I need now is for it to send a text message to my phone...hint, hint). I've really enjoyed Adam's "Traders Whiteboard" series. He obviously know what he's talking about. His trading tips - how to use trend lines, Fibonacci, Head and Shoulders patterns, etc. have really helped to make me a better trader. The daily email showing the Trend Analysis on my entire portfolio (12 Forex pairs, 50+ stocks & ETF's, 8 futures) is invaluable. MarketClub rocks." ~ Dan D., California

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - Dan, California

  1. Michael,
    You can email me direct at "dd*******@qu******.com" with your questions.

  2. Kim,

    I shoot for a minimum of $100 profit on 1 contract (100 share) naked put sale and around $150 profit on 1 contract covered call sale.


  3. Sunil,

    My preferred option strategy is the "collar," whereby I buy slightly out-of-the-money calls and sell slightly out-of-the-money puts, in a trending bull market and vice versa on trending bear. As the trade goes in my favor, I will sell higher out-of-the-money calls to lock in profit and protect a downside move.

    Hope this helps.


  4. Hey Dan, I am pretty new in options trading. I was wondering if you can share a few of strategies you have developed using mktclub. I'll appreciate that.

  5. Hello Dan

    I am new to marketclub and also in california. Recently made my first trade after receiving a weekly signal. Would appreciate if you could email me directly as I had a few questions. I am still in my 30 day trial period. If the rules of the blog permit I will post my email address. Not sure how that is handled.

    Thanks and continued success


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