Saturday Success Story - Rajbir, Nevada

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Here's great news from a member...

"My wife and I are retired, are not active traders, and are recent members. However, I wish we had joined MarketClub before this bear market began. Being corporate employees all our lives, most of our savings are in our respective 401(k) plans which were decimated in 2008. Finally, I could not take it any longer and went to all cash in the 4th quarter of 2008.

However, Marketclub’s Trade Triangles gave me the courage to reinvest again in the beginning of April, thereby recouping some of our losses. Without MarketClub’s input, I would still be cowering in money-market funds. Going forward, I propose to give particular attention to the monthly Trade Triangles which indicate the major trend." ~ Rajbir K., Nevada

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - Rajbir, Nevada

  1. I'm a new subscriber and I'd like to know what "trade triangles" are and how they help one make investment decisions.
    Neo Phyte


  3. My story is very much like that of Rajbir, In a firms superannuation fund for 20+ years and only able to change from share portfolio to cash portfolio in October each year, missed the jump in 2007 and had lost $67000 by the next October when I went to cash.
    Sat in cash earning hardly anything while watching those who stayed in shares make up all their losses. I need to watch the trends with Marketclub and make my move back into shares at the right time.
    I am locked into this superannuation scheme until I retire in one or two years time so would be nice to make back some of my losses.
    Thank you Rajbir.

  4. I find that I lose money when I do not follow the trade triangles....and hold trades a bit too long.

    Also, I am looking for a new phone, and want to be able to read the marketclub charts....does anyone know if you can see the charts on IPhone4??

  5. I know what you the gurus are predicting another sell off, we will see, I listened to some supposedly great few in 2009, claiming a re crash and look what happened , exactly the opposite...that preaching robbed many from a bright future...they should be banned from such claims...all I can say to people like that is Thanks A holes...Guru's my a**...

  6. I have found that NOT following the trade triangles have led to me losing money by holding a trade too long!! I believe in them!!

    Does anyone know if you can view the marketclub charts on an IPHONE....or do you need a phone with Flash application?? Help- I'm looking to get a cell phone and Marketclub needs to work on it 🙂

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