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  1. Funny to read that gold will be higher and higher. Take your profit. I am still short on gold and silver and remain untill almost everyone is short. If you bought gold and have it in your pocket, sell it.

  2. Gold is running sideways for now. (@ $1,406.20 on 12-30-10)
    I expect it to stay within 1450 - 1380 short term ( 4-5 weeks).
    I am hoping for a breakdown in price to -1300 mid Jan - Early Feb, which would be an attractive entry.
    I would consider a spike above 1450 that pulled back and held that 1450 price a very bullish signal. Don't think that is going to happen, in the above time frame, but if it did I would have to abandon my sub 1300 entry price target.
    Thanks Adam for all you do.

  3. Although gold puked and died in December 2009 thru January 2010... take a look at December 2007 thru March 2008. Wow, what a super continuation of the 2007 Winter rally. Could this be about to happen again? Hmm. I doubt it, but now is kind of looking like the last bit of that Feb-March 2008 rally. If so we could be looking at gold $1550 by February 2011.

  4. google usagold dot com for live feed gold charts. Even the smaller head and shoulder patterns are making money. I am just doing call options on HL silver/ gold company. It's good to me.

  5. I see a lot of nasty replies. These short term signals are just white noise in the price movement of gold. Get long on dips and stay long.

  6. While I'm not completely familiar w/the system, I believe the green triangle is an alert that the price is more likely to move up than it is down. In the case of gold, which is traditionally volatile, the figure given may be a good "buy in" point, if you haven't already secured a position.

    I have been trading and following this market for more than forty years, and it has always been more volatile than most others, but that fact is also what makes it more attractive or interesting for many. And let us keep in mind that as aside from a relatively few absolutes in our lives, most things are relative to one another. When one considers how high the gold price has risen in the last decade, volatility as a percentage of the overall price may not be as great as it appears.

    Finally, we are a long way from the mania stage of gold & silver prices. I feel it could hit US$ 1800 by next C'mas, for the usual suspect reasons of financial and geopolitical turmoil. By staying focused on Canadian junior mineral explorer/developers, including G&S, as well as some smaller positions in oil, nat gas, and Ur shares, my trading account is up about 38% from when I opened it in April. I expect the same or better results in 2011. I don't use any system or proprietary method, just research of the fundamentals, TA to the best of my ability, and the seat of my raggedy-ass pants, of course.

    Happy trading! from Joseph in Victoria, BC

  7. Depends on whether you are a short term trader, looking to get in and out , grab a few bucks or buy in and ride it out. Everything is pointing to gold going a lot higher on the long term. when Gold was at $1100, people were talking about a gold "bubble". Some sold at the first sign of weakness. Where is the top? 🙂 I think it is a lot higher than where we are. Even short term traders should hang on to a core position IMO.

  8. Time to short gold, I've made great money betting against the triangles(short term ones) over past signals.

  9. I reckon Gold could test $1440 in the next week or 2. If so, that's 2.85% gain even getting in at $1400 which is about 14% profit on a warrant on a gold stock. Not bad for a week or two in the trade. Options would return even higher. That's assuming it goes up there and you exit then as well. And the stock has to follow.

  10. Did you idiots think the price of gold was going to stop and wait for you to buy once the GREEN TRIANGLE was flashed? So it's over $1400. Are you aware that gold can move many dollars in price within minutes, even seconds? Don't be so stupid.

    Just be thankful that he's even giving you access to these signals.

  11. Hmm...I followed the previous alerts and frankly...flipping a coin during a half moon could be better. Good luck. Though I would have to admit this service helps to save your money!

  12. It just bumped 1405, I got in at 1390 and am not crying about it. Thanks for the alert I am looking fwd to more.

  13. This is a side bar issue; does anyone have any thoughts on a company called "Elephant Talk" trade symbol is ETAK?

  14. OK, but you should count your gains (if any) at the price gold was quoted in at the time of the alert as Gold was already over $1400 an oz at the time of the alert.

  15. Au started the day trading at 1394 - thanks Jeremy come lately. Wish you were Jeremy on the spot.....

  16. Exactly what good does this alert do me when several hours ago gold was already being quoted over $1400.?

  17. Adam i tend to listen to evrything you say, but it seems gold and silver are going to make new highs(possibily) and many other commodities have already. I know you say its silly season but it looks like there is less volatlity during silly season at least for commdotities. Check out a monthly chart of CCI breakout. i have been going long on silver, gold, soyabeans and sugar This is my first year of trading and have done very well thanks to you. Have a wonderful new years and all the best to market club members.

    Kindest regards,


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