What will the bull markets of 2011 be?

This year has been an interesting one for many markets, but certainly the standout had to be the gold market. With unemployment still high and the dollar lagging further and further behind, it may very well stay a strong market well into 2011.

Because we find the opinions and comments of our readers much more insightful than can be shown with a simple poll question, we've instead decided to ask our readers for their opinion in our comments section this week.

Whether you disagree with our assessment of the gold market being the hot market of 2010 or want to share your prediction for the hot market of 2011, please do so in the comments section.

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112 thoughts on “What will the bull markets of 2011 be?

  1. Ruco... I have made 500% on BEA.V in the last 18 months and am considering buying more, look at the 1 year charts. SYS.V has made me 40% since late September and I am waiting for an uprise after the next pullback. There Elvis, is that what you were looking for?

  2. Notice how every news pundit is adviseing continued stock market rises.I find that fascinating.You can't even get a job in this country without a SOCIAL SECURITY #. Are any of you people over the age of 60? Have you forgot. I got just about every job I had back then by walking on the job and going to work. Unfortunately some asshole would give me a check with tax withdrawals amounting to about 5% of my check.I thought that was a large sum.LOL.But not all of them. These were the people they called scabs. Short for those who could actually compete for a job. By the way they spent money too.Course the corporate and union affliates of the corporate powers still bought off the jobs they got by being uncompetitive and tied into the socialist movement. That's called progress. You like it yet? I never did. Wall street uses these people to make billions with their lobbies for the support the rich and crush the free marketers theory of fairness.By the way I am not prejudiced against smart traders on Wall street. Just Corporate and Union hogs. They are the reason you have a large police state.Wall street is a place where you invest with others who may think as you do on the importance of investing in companies willing to share their profits. I am not against a federal State as long as its free market oriented.In fact Wall street creates capital for sucessfull companies who plow that money into products that are supposed to make your life better. Better living standards. Once they fail to do so they should die. Not be subsidized by politics.
    In case your wondering about what I learned as a so called slave scabbing for work in a half socialist nation in the sixties. It was that not everyone is equal in skills, smarts, or ambition. Some things that people today are deathly afraid of. This human trait brings on the volatility of the precious metals along with Central Bank printing fiat to buy back their debt and subsidizing useless over leveraged stocks that cannot compete in a real fair world of commerce.
    China is an old communist state. If you don't agree with their totalatarian scheme they kill you.That is why their stock market is small.Its just a game for them to give their people something else to watch other than their backs.Communism is where you go once you destroy the infrustructure of your country.
    In conclusion--------------fixing all these mistakes at the same time that gold and silver explodes higher is frightening to real money free people but not to socialists or communists who will promise you that they can control the prices of everything at anytime with federal market operations.And not to worry for we will take CARE OF YOU.And the more money that is created out of thin air to subsidize life styles of the pensioners of failed corporations who now become government retirees in affect through this subsidized fiat will slowly put the real free people in the mood to confiscate the resources needed for sustainable economies.
    After all GOLD and SILVER are elements used to create jobs and products for infrustructure improvement and weapons to defend yourself from those who may intend to destroy your way of life.Among other metals of vastly more or less supply in the earth.Politics has no bounds. But natural resources do.It is best in my view to confiscate regulations against free trade than to confiscate real wealth. As for border issues that should be obvious,although I don't yet see much of the world elite view on the matter as practical.Most elite as far as I can tell seem to be socialistic in nature and deni their real environment and nature.

  3. I really look forward to read other useful post from you. Its really interesting and thanks for sharing your knowledge with others.

  4. Carol .... I am hoping for this short term..but ? Just listened to an arguement that it will hit 40 $ again sometime in 2011.

  5. i see there are lot of ideas here , some are right on, others are dead wrong. To make this productive, we should be sharing, who is the market making money now. Other wise this is worthless information. i will start the process, hopefully others will follow. I M short gold and silver. DZZ and ZSl are making me money. So much for you thinking these are good bets. If they were, you need to tell us. They are not and you are the wrong path. Results are the name of the game. I told you where i M, and if i m successful. No one here is interested in why, Results, people, will benefit all. Limit yourselves to results, not idle chatter. "Thank you very much" ELVIS

  6. steve. I have to agree with that. It is just finding the right stocks and I want them to be traded on the canadian exchanges because I want to avoid the currency risk at this time and the tax implications.

  7. I am bull on commodities. The only cheap commodity remaining is natural gas. I like to buy what is cheap, I am bull for natural gas. (GB00B15KY104). I am also bull on silver and agriculture.

  8. I like to buy natural gas(GB00B15KY104): it is the last cheap commodity remaining at the moment.I like to buy what is cheap.Other commodities are too high to buy. I am anyway bull on silver and agriculture:

  9. I really like marketclub charts and signals, and I am using it on daily basis. Now I would like to release my 10 surprises for 2011 as my gifts to all martke club members.

    1. STOCK - Enjoy a nice bull market for stock in 2011. I expect Market club will issue a weekly red signal on February(correction), and expect Market club will issue a monthly red signal by the end of 2011 for S&P 500.

    2. DOLLAR - Dollar will gain significant strength by end of 2011. EURO will be further weaking to parity with Dollar as Adam suggested long time ago.

    3. BOND - Bond will continue to sell off in 2011, and then gain strength in late 2011.

    4. GOLD - Gold will reach $1,700 level. The risk of holding gold is getting higher than 2010.

    5. High volatility - 2011 is active traders market. Buy and Hold will not work in 2011. People will be surprised S&P 500 will not be in higher level by end of 2011 than the beginning of 2011. Watch market club signals closely, it will help you manage trading risk.

    6. Fed - may not likely be able to issue QE3.

    7. Weather - worldwide weather conditions will have more extreme events in 2011. Remember extreme dry condition during great depression back to 1930. Agriculture products will have high demands. Recommand trading Ag stocks.

    8. Oil - oil price will go through $100 in 2011.

    9. Housing market - will continue to drag US market throughout entire 2011.

    10. Market Club - continue to use market club signals will continue to help you make more profits.

    Happy trading in 2011. Thank you all.

  10. What is an EWaver? I have not been following any websites. I just started this one on a trial basis. I have been investing on my own for a long time and have done alright but would like to do better. I find it takes a lot of time to find some good stocks and then when you find them sometimes you are too late. Like Tullow Oil (TLW:London) gone to high. I like BTO:T , EE:T, Southern Pacific Resources, CLL:T and WEE:T but wee and cll have been disappointing. I think there is more value in small caps but it is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

  11. I agree. There is something about being able to hold onto something especially in a turbulant market. Something that you can trade and does not become worthless like paper. That is why I like food, oil and metals. I may be biased as I am a farmer as well but business is business.

  12. Santa (Ben B.) continues to bring sacks and sacks of printed money to wall street to crash proof the market. How can the markets crash when they have been filled with monopoly money? They certainly won't remove the phony money since that is what is holding off the panic of our collapsing economy.

  13. You sound like my kind of guy. Are you an EWaver by any chance?
    What other websites do you follow, I wonder? HW

  14. oil is the only game in town. economic recovery equals higher crude.
    political and social unrest in oily areas of the world can cause higher oil prices
    organic growth via the drill bit leads to higher share price
    takeover in the industry is text book scenario with respect to the oils
    favorite oils
    bexp, wres, kog, sdcjf.pk, cenjf.pk, etkef.pk, sd, gmxr, cmt.to, qep, axas, ureyf.pk

  15. I think commodities , oil and metals prices shall continue to rise. The realization of the importance of " inventing " one new world reserve currency to replace US$ shall gather momentum. Until such uncertainty of placement of cash has found a safer home world turmoils in asset inflation will not cease. Regulation on asset and currency speculation starts to rein in ; markets forces shall clash with authorities. Perhaps capitalism should marry socialism after all.

  16. 2011 will be a good year for stocks. QE2 with low price inflation + low interest rates = economic recovery by late 2011. Already we are seeing institutional traders and money managers move their money out of defensive bonds and into stocks and commodities. Gold will take a hit as stocks will outperform the metal in terms of yields and be a more attractive investment. The US dollar will rise with our rising economy and will further pressure gold. Silver should do better as industrial demand increases. US Steel is firming up on an anticipated increase in demand. I see finance doing well as the Fed maintains a steep Dynamic Yield Curve. Sectors that traditionally do well going into a bull market are: Technology, Finance, Basic Materials, Industrial. I also like non-traditional investments like Lithium and Rare Earth Elements.

  17. Stick with commodities. I think oil and agricultural products will be the strongest but the metals will be steady. Most of the people in the world live in developing countries who are not affected by our recession. The US and Europe will continue to falter.

    Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year. May we do well in the new year and build our strenght.



  18. Good day--or evening--to you!

    I appreciate your response, and thank you for it. I wasn't being entirely negative, just realistic in what has been our history and the probability of its being our future. I always hope for more positive outcomes, but I look at human activity and interfaces in very long time frames, so it may seem that I'm pessimistic in the short run. And though outcomes may be nearly infinite, we are limited by the current states of our mutual understand.

    While I'm a member of the Society of Friends [Quakers] by convincement since age 25, I am not a religious fanatic in any way, and our Society has a long history of many eminent scientists and other accomplished people of both genders. I do not believe in End Times nonsense or final days of anything; these are misbegotten fears by people who are ignorant of the larger scheme of things. Usually what is needed is a metaphorical or poetic understanding of these eschatological statements. You may recall what happened in Europe in the year 999, as the populace firmly believed that the year 1000 would bring the return of Christ and the end of life as they knew it. We did the same in a techie way in the transition from 1999 to 2000, as many feared for world-wide computer crashes, etc.

    As I wrote above, "There will be huge increases in “new” technologies and other endeavours; many are ones that TPTB have suppressed, saved for such a time as this. There'll be rocket flights of capital and savings into gold, silver, metals and commodities; real estate will start to rise with farmlands leading the way." If people act in a timely way on these forecasts, they'll not only earn good incomes or profit accordingly, they'll have healthier lives and better outcomes in their endeavours.

    In 600 BC Heraklitus wrote that "The way up and the way down are one and the same." Those who do not or cannot see this will always wonder what hit them; those who are living w/eyes wide open will delight in the opportunities offered, and the prospect of a more fully realised life. I think your eyes are open: be ready for amazing events and opportunities! They're impossible to fully predict, but they will come to pass. Heraklitus also wrote that "You cannot step into the same river twice, for the water is flowing ceaselessly, on and on."

    All best, always, J

  19. don't put p-nut butter on your survival list. it contains p-nut oil which turns rancid after a few months.

  20. Those who think the recovery bubble will burst next year dont really understand economics or have bothered to look at historic cycles. All these doom and gloom stories are what the institutions want you to believe in so you continue to buy high and get caught out. Fortune favours the brave next year and if your not in you will miss more of the bull rallies that are to come. Commodities remain the number one short term area to be investing in, however, financials remain cheap and are a great meduim/long term buy.

  21. My only problem with ETFs is, in the case of a major financial upheaval, what if they said, "Sorry, we really didn't buy the underlying materials/options/whatever and we can't pay you off."? Somebody goes to jail, while you go to the bread line.

    So, the only way to be assured of your investment is to hold it in your hands or store it in your basement. Bars and coins, silver and gold. Perhaps just some of this as a hedge against the nasty future. In the meantime, have stops in place and follow the money.

  22. Joseph,
    Thank you for your thoughtful synopsis of banking history and predictions of the future. Your predictions although possible, are not written in stone. We all hold the key to future outcomes based on our choices. This why specific predictions are rarely accurate. Our choices for solving our economic problems are numerous. Because individual free-will exists to a greater extent than at any time in man's recorded history, it is very possible that the current world crisis will create far less trauma than in past cases. What doesn't help are superstitious fears that we are predestined to enter imminent world destruction as per Mayan and Xian prophesis. Xian sects have been waiting for the second coming since the early days. How many more will waste precious time waiting when they could be creating a better reality?
    Thank you for your best wishes and I extend the same wish that we create a better future for all of humankind in the New Year.

  23. Buy some of those junior minors..long term. Don't be afraid of all the ups and downs of the stock. Five years from now they won't be called Junior anymore. Telecommunications..who can live without their cell phone. NOT me..I lost mine for 3 hours yesterday..it was terrible! Buy CIEN, AAPL and anything to do with communications! Jr.Miner list....AZC,EXK, PLG, DNN, FRG...just starting their big uptrend.

  24. Commodities will continue to rise as a direct consequence of QE and worldwide debt that can never ever be paid back. I like silver, uranium , RE, gold and energy. Junior resource stock will continue to be strong. I like Pinetree Capital (diversified exposure, they finance the best juniors and get deals we'd never get if we tried to buy shared on the market, including warrants just a hair above market price). If you just were to buy one single junior resource equity, this would be it! (Needless to say I own quite a bit).
    Don't waste your time shorting USD against EUR or vice versa. Both are pretty much doomed. Short both of them against sound currency: gold, silver, perhaps the Swissie.

  25. As long as it is Ben Bernanke's goal to inflate the money supply, the stock market will always do well. What data-point(s) best measures market liquidity, or capital inflows into the stock market?

  26. The markets will continue to be unpredictable over the next 2 years as they will be controlled by the battles that will be waged in Congress and the Senate. The Republicans will try to do a balancing act. Their main focus will be to do whatever they can to discredit Obamah, yet at the same time must show some semblance of leadership. Is this possible? Your guess is as good as mine! Let us not forget, politicians are more concerned about their own agendas and less on the overall economy and real job creation.
    Strength of a currency is a reflection of the strength of a Country's economy in relative terms; in every case worthless relative to its national debt. What is the standard against what the value of a currency is measured? Gold and by default, silver. Silver will probably outperform gold as it has a market outside the realm of "a poor man's safe haven".

  27. Greetings to all!

    The following would be far more clear if I had the benefit of the graphic essay I did for 321gold.com about eight years ago, which correctly forecast all that has happened and laid out what we should expect in the longer-term. Keep in mind that the people who cannot remember their history are doomed to repeat it.

    In Western capitalist society, historical records show that since the early industrial revolution, the overall economy would collapse majorly every seventy years, requiring a regeneration of society's bases and inputs. You can get this from any number of writers such as Schumpeter, Kondratieff, and others, the earliest was Giambattista Vico from the late Italian Renaissance. Coincidental with this is the rise of the bankers as a new class.

    The problem that banking introduced, and which the Catholic Church tried to control, was the collection of interest charges for loans of currency, or worse, credit. This violated long-standing philosophical and ethical ideas, such as "Nothing comes from nothing" and that "Money shall not breed money" which were developed by the classical Greeks and Romans. This interest, known as usury, was forbidden to Christians and instead left to the Jews, which is how they became the major part of banking and finance, first in Europe, then throughout the world.

    The problem is that in about seventy years the accrued burden of interest is so great that it becomes impossible for the society to repay it. Indeed, sometimes the debt is so immense that it is greater than the monetary value of the entire society, which is our present burden and curse. The bankster solution is simple: foreclose on the properties, then either add them to the bankster's assets or sell them off and start the cycle over again. Which is precisely where we are now.

    The USofA's last big market crash was in 1929; seventy years later we had the "dot.com Crash" of 1999. That one was not allowed to wind down as it should, but was "avoided" by "Easy Al" Greenspan's policies of low interest rates, etc. This simply moved the ultimate crash forward a few years, and here we are.

    Finally, as I pointed out in my article several years ago, the initial Crash is not the first and only one: there is always a second crash later that completes the collapse. This is the one we will have in 2011. We will then enter a true deflationary period of total economic stagnation in traditional economies, very much the same as happened in Japan lately. There will be huge increases in "new" technologies and other endeavours; many are ones that TPTB have suppressed, saved for such a time as this will be.

    There will be rocket flights of capital and savings into gold, silver, metals and commodities; real estate will start to rise with farmlands leading the way. I cannot predict more specifically than this one more weary repetition of our foolish past. The hard part is to get the common people to understand the true natures of money and currency, and that private central banks --which are at the root of all these evils-- MUST CEASE. Stephen Zarlenga's magnum opus "The Lost Science of Money" will educate you on the history and background of our crisis, as well as show permanent healthy solutions.

    My best wishes for a Merry Christmas, and may we all create the very best New Year in 2011! Joseph E Fasciani, 67, Victoria, BC, Canada

  28. does anybody out there eat food.Well it looks like it's gonna be in big demand as the exploding populations get hungry so make it a buy in your portfolio..gday dave j

  29. the bull markets will be in some asian countries ei. Vietnam,thailand,indonesia,bangladesh,also mexico, russia,sri lanca and pakistan and iran.. Europe and the usa are history, the housing market in the usa is dead for decades,there will be no recovery.the us is broke europe is broke due to the gfc caused by debt ...they have a large and increasing population of oldies to care for with a smaller and decreasing younger population to support them.you can invest in the growth of the bullish countries using etf's. These countries are the opposite of the usa/euro's situation with young vibrant exploding populations and a new emerging middle class with money to spend.I expect to see a revalued yuan sooner than later next year gday from down under dave j

  30. I don't this Gold will hit $2000 this year due to passage of BTC extensions. Economy will recover some and pressure gold down , even if it rises some. Silver may have the better ride. Poor mans gold sounds good these days. Some see $40 SILVER.?

  31. You would be dead right if they had not passed the recent bill to extend tax cuts. It will prop up the market this year. Doomsday has been postponed, but you are basically correct that a great correction is inevitable. Real commodities, energy, metals will do fine.

  32. I've done well with silver this year. Pretty good on gold also. Does anyone see SIVR going above $30 again soon? SIL is less expensive, barely over $25, but it is not tied to retail silver. Will silver outpace the rise in GOLD? I think we could see $40 silver by 2011 end quarter? Am I thinking straight?

  33. I see strong movements in bio research. BTX promises to be a winner if trials are good as advertised. Is anyone else thinking this. ACTC is tied to this trend (directly to BTX). I am disappointed in AFLB. Is Interferon technology going to be a boom or bust?

  34. JOHN: You don't understand the power of faith, religion or economics. They are one, since 100 AD. The world began to evolve into a great War, it has been a constant battle, and will continue to the end of civilization, when man ceases to exist on this planet. Your time in this word is but a grain of sand in a huge dessert, as large as the earth. you are right about our path in the future, as obama's time here is the path of evil, controlled and directed by the major the evil ones. Your life is not a belief or a fairy tale, you are here, alive, and will die here. You may be remembered for awhile, maybe 3 generations of you in their memory of you. The future will be truth. It will always be influenced by the great war, the struggle of mankind against evil. Here are some milestones you have witnessed, of that world history, that have changed the economy. The many wars in the middle east, the fall of the twin towers in NYC, 10 years ago. The presents of American troops in Iraq, afganistan, and Korea. All have an effected on this country, the economy, your life, the taxes you have and will pay, and are the direct result of religious belief and this continuing War. This is a fact, the world economy is influenced by the price of energy, the direction and price of gold, interest rates, the price of the stock market, your country's financial future, and a method to predicting the future. Your statement of Religions is false, for your own knowledge way of thinking, you must recognize you ignorance of the world. Have you learned nothing here? "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" ELVIS

  35. So, about everyone is long gold or silver so I'll be sure to be out of long positions in both of those. Contiuned weakness in parts of Europe will mean the usd will look more attractive. Aud/usd at parity won't hold if gold stalls so this could be a short from $1.00 to near enough to 50cents if you have big enough pockets. S&p to be higher if years of history of presidential cycle gains hold.
    No comments from Adam but I guess the market club portfolio's give us his ideas & the poor fella needs a break!

  36. The banks are not seeing a bull market! Six more failed banks make the ugly FDIC growing list. Total failures for 2010: 157 and counting! Unthinkable...

    1. Bob,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I think that 2011 is going to present some fantastic opportunities to make money. I don't want to go into the new year with any preconceived ideas, but I do know that we are going to have some big moves. Big moves make big profits. It has always been that way and it will always be that way as far as I'm concerned.

      Right now I am enjoying "Silly Season" and I will be getting ready for 2011 after we pass through this time frame.

      All the best to you in the year and enjoy the holidays.


  37. I am worried that in the second quarter when bonds are auctioned that China won't be there to buy them as they have been in the past. This will huge affect on the markets. Not sure how much more Bernanke will be able to buy with the QExxx! Going to be a rough year!

  38. Bond traders saw the writing on the wall when the tax compromise was reached. QE2 was expected and indeed welcomed by many as a way to devalue the dollar enough to get our exports up. The inflation we currently enjoy is what we feel from the world growth, not the Fed. Money still has little velocity so inflation is tame. The Tax compromise signaled to the world that, rhetoric aside it will be business as usual with the new bunch of congressmen and senators. Cut taxes and spend money. So the folks who buy our bonds and T-bills are starting to want a bit more intrest. Look for rates to rise this year.

  39. The New World Order banksters and those who pull their strings will continue to manipulate various "currencies" in their long term attempt to establish a one world currency. Backed partially by gold?

    That's good bet since even the dumbed down Americans won't want UN Reserve Notes "backed by the general faith and credit" of the UN.

    Tin hat conspiracy theory? Maybe...But not all conspiracy theories are theories except for those who believe that the currency, economic, political, social, communication, "entertainment", media and spiritual nonsense reigning around us and working in concert is all an accident.

    To those that subscribe to the accident theory I have a great bridge in Brooklyn for sale at a discount price...

  40. "The wild card—- someone invents a cheap method of turning natural gas into gasoline."

    Cars can burn natural gas with about $200-500 in plumbing parts and labor. Less if you install it yourself. It's the 3000-4000 PSI storage tank that costs about $3,000 or so. Mass production would lower that. If it gets below $1,000 or even $500 then this will take off. There is a Honda Civic presently sold in California that burns natural gas. You can fill it up at home with a rented Phil(TM) compressor. California mandates that a certain percentage of cars sold there must by environmentally squeeky clean (5-10%?). Not all are electric. Maybe someone from California can provide the exact %. Oh and those spendy tanks are only certified for about 12 years and have to be checked every so often.

  41. Long - Gold, Silver and Copper ( this one especially ) "just hit the bid on all 3 products"
    Short - Apple, Euro.

    The above are going to be the major plays for 2011, apple maybe by the 3rd and 4th quater only, but still i think apple is a bubble thats on the verge of bursting. So hit that offer and keep hitting it on the way down.

    The Gold Bug

  42. I'm assuming that the predictions offered are probability outcomes based on current facts about economic data. If not you're just either wishful thinking or delving in supersitious fairy tales. Believing gold or silver will go up or down doesn't make it so. Also, offering religous predictions is bogus. Religions are based on beliefs and not on truths. Faith will not and has not moved markets or anything else for that matter. Lets keep it factual when discussing financial probability outcomes (predictions) and keep your personal truths to yourself.

  43. When the world starts to recover there will be an energy shortage. China has purchased much of the world's oil supplies so no surplus is available. China is building many more nuclear power stations. Expect oil and uranium to rise rapidly.
    Expect the lack of confidence in fiat currencies to push up the price of gold/silver in 2011.
    The wild card---- someone invents a cheap method of turning natural gas into gasoline.

  44. I agree with you two. Besides physical gold and silver, I have a 90 day supply of nitro packed dehydrated meals. Also pick up extra cans of tuna, salmon, beef stew, peanut butter, etc.

  45. Absolutely. I wish everyone would read Wiederman's book Aftershock. We still have the dollar bubble and bond bubble waiting to pop. Physical gold, silver, and ammo, will be the next big play.

  46. The rapture of the Church may very well be THE event of 2011. I hope everyone is ready. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  47. all i can say is wow

    been 100% long gold and silver since '99-'00 til i lightened up this year

    been heavy gold/silver/oil for clients all those years

    i think the coming winter (kondratief) is gonna deflate everything beyond belief

    does nobody else see this

    that's why ben looked so scared on 60 hours

  48. The stimulus, though far too small, and lacking in the most essential ingredient - WPA/CCC style direct mass hiring by the federal government, worked. It was too small, but a move in the proper direction, a direction from which this country has already obviously turned. I would submit that the bull market of 2011 will be in the field of special interest groups, in which I am a major innovator. Anyone in interested in joining the North American Society for the Elimination of Refrigerator Magnets (NASERM,) The Sendmemoneyist Church of God, The Junkyard Preservation Society, The Montana Deep Water Port Association or the Society for the Promulgation of Beer, please send me your dues check.

    Seriously though, there will be bull markets. I think oil is going to heat up. Industrial commodities will likely rise, though precious metals might not continue the rocket ride. Dividend stocks will continue to be in vogue, though they naturally will lag the market if it goes up fast. Despite the rise to power of neanderthals in the government, long term, I believe alternative energy technologies will rise, riding in the draft of oil for a while, and then going much more strongly on their own.

    We are much, repeat: MUCH more endangered by the fact of human caused global warming and the idiocy of deniers than from economic collapse, mainly thanks to Obaama and the democrats who are now joining the goosestepping right in the wrong direction anyway.

  49. IS your money on the table, or is this talk? Went short today 100%, of my account. FAZ, DZZ, TLL, ZSL, TZA. I make money by being in the game, not idle predictions. There are my picks-i am on the record. "Thank you very much" ELVIS

  50. A hot market will be PM's, silver in particular. Supply shortage, many new medical uses, and it is viewed as real money by many in the world. Hoarding is elevated now involving some big players, and a Hunt brothers spike is an increasing probability.
    So far there is a commitment to keep stocks up, but this trend is fragile at best. Interest rates, if they climb much more will stress gov. debt and our real estate debts. They are typically followed by stock market declines. Fed objectives are not playing out as planned thusfar and as I see it, so there is a potential for a sharp decline to readjust bond rates and the dollar index, albeit a temporary fix.
    It seems to be a case of outlasting others. Where will bad news surface next? The Euro, the Yen, China, or something here like spiking foreclosures?

  51. The US economy is going to collapse regardless of what happens with the world's hot-spots. Too many mistakes have been made for too many years. The day of reckoning is upon us even if the fed continues to delay it with manipulation. The USA is out of bullets and the last type of bullet they have been using "printing money" will soon be turned on itself to commit suicide. Self destruction or implosion might be better terms.

  52. Crude Oil, Wheat and Silver will rock the world.
    Buy CRB Index Targeting the level of around 360

  53. I suspect that the market will have a huge pull back starting sometime in the late December 2010 to January 2011 timeframe. Of course, like all pull backs I don't expect a straight down affair, but a down, up, down, up move with lower highs and lower lows taking us down at least 20% in the first half of 2011; a total drop in the 40% range. Great opportunity on the short side....play the trend. Merry Christmas.

  54. Interesting comment on the usefulness of the stock market and the part it plays (even if accurate). I don't see that becoming an actuality for a very long time. Too many people earn from it.

  55. I'll put all my pennies on crude oil in 2011. Wall Street is in coma 4. I wish you all a great holiday seasons, make money next year but remember: every visit to the grocery store buy an extra can of anything and have food in your pantry for at least a month. Pretty soon we will be a third world country. Good bless America... and the other countries too!!

  56. I am surprised that it hasn't happened already. With all the extra money being printed, interest rates have GOT to go up. In the past it has been to strengthen the dollar, now it is to cover debt (just like my interest rate on my personal cards went up when I was borrowing closer to my limit). Somehow, interest rates have been held down, since it has been extra long since they have risen.....WATCH OUT when they go! Remember what the rates did after the last financial bail out in the late 70's early 80's? If somehow the explosion doesn't happen this year (and I think it will), it will certainly happen in 2012 (maybe that will be the date of the end of the earth as we know it).

  57. I worry about the market if any of the world's hotspots blows up; Koreas, Iran, Venezuela. We could see gold & oil go ZOOOOOOM!

  58. The bull market in gold and silver will continue for years to come. I do not see any hope for US to reduce its fiscal deficit for at leats a decade. The only hedge against this is invest in gold and silver

  59. no one mentioned QE3, QE4... these babys are coming and it will make the markets absolutely crazy.

  60. The super big bull will be silver.

    If you don't have your money in physical silver you might just as well set fire to it.

    Silver will be the trade that will be the stuff of legends by this time next year.

  61. Oil has to go higher in any world recovery. (look how much energy we used in our industrial revolution!)China anad India will use up any excess capacity.

    Gld/Slv have to higher as there is no solution to our debt except devaluation of the USD

    Buying into a recovery without a floor such as dividend stocks is like playing roulette. Large risk and very little reward.

  62. Expect Uranium explorers and mid-tier producers to be best % gainers.
    Gold and Silver explorers and mid-tier producers next.

    Suprise for year maybe Technology supporting Social Engineering.(aka: FaceBook, Google, Baidu, etc.)

  63. Potential hit to all markets as the bond market begins to implode. Then a mad rush into commodities, precious metals and to a lesser extent other sector stocks as the dollar crisis begins.

  64. Gold will consolidate here and then continue to $2000 by June/11.
    Oil will spike briefly to reach ~ $120 in Q2/2011 but then drop back.
    US economy will continue to disappoint re. employment.
    Republican congressmen will be discredited with their lack of new solutions.
    All this next year as longer term the world transitions to an economic order where transactions will no longer require monetary organizations due to their failure to offer fair and consistant trade mechanism. Stock markets will ultimately disappear as it is realized that they are worthless long term stores of wealth.

  65. I agree with Rob in the above reply, except I expect "OIL" to do well and companies like
    RIG and DO ; I believe they are already undervalued...

  66. Bull markets? There will not be any bull market for the US when the real collapse takes over from this phony recovery. The stimulus and prop-up bubble should be bursting soon. The day of reckoning is upon us. The sooner the fed/government gets out of the way and allows it to happen the better off and less painful the crash will be. The longer they manipulate and hold off the inevitable, the worse it will be.

  67. Potential hot markets will depend on the politics and especially if a lot of damage is done in the remainder of the lame duck session. The extension of the tax cut bills was a major hurdle and might lend to a decent 2011. However if cap and tax and other negative growth bills are passed it could be a down year and in that case commodities would be hot and the dollar not.

  68. I see gold slowing down it's pace and silver picking up the slack,
    mainly due to supply an demand....but both will have good returns in 2011.
    I like HL and BTE.

  69. Modestly bull on US stocks and gold. The US and German economy will grow but rest of Europe and China I'm not so sure, for different reasons of course. On the currencies if the US dollar doesn't fight its way up then my bet is for the aussie.

  70. If, as some say, Detroit goes into bankruptcy in 2011, the muni market will be in great turmoil. I like stuff you can drop on your foot like bushels of grain, barrels of oil, bars of metal (don't try this at home) and I especially like metals that are still in the ground and safe out of the banking system.

  71. According to Jim Puplava and guests on Financial Sense Online, they see precious metals, energy, and agriculture continuing to be strong.

  72. The bull market in GOLD and SILVER will go on and probably we see a big break out very soon.
    The problems in euroland will stay and we get a race to the bottom between the euro and the dollar.
    Bullish on Swfranc against dollar and euro.
    Bearish on the stockmarket, the rising interest-rates and inflation will kill the bull market.
    Take care and enjoy

  73. At some point this year the U.S. Dollar will be the strongest cyclical bull market, probably along with inverse 2x and 3x equity etfs.

  74. Keep an eye on the bond market. If interest rates go way up it will throw a monkey wrench into Fed's ability to QE - in which case all bets are off!

  75. I suspect that the current cyclical bull market will continue until some time in 2011, maybe later, with a few corrections. Then the long term secular bear market will resume. Not buying any green bananas.I check the Market Club scores on the DJ, NASDQ, R2K and SPX daily to stay on top of trends

    Both gold and silver have been good to me of late. Using Market club's long term approach rather than weekly triangles.

  76. I think the bull markets will be in commodities (again), US finance sector, US housing sector, biotech and China.

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