14 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day, mate

  1. I'm trying to locate an old Friend I met in London in the mid 80's. His name is Graham R. Ayre. Would loved to hear from you if you're the right person. My e-mail is [email protected] and I live in Connecticut.

  2. Thanks. It has been a gloriously sunny and warm day in Sydney - great beach weather and now the cool change for the evening. Looking forward to the surprise. God Bless All.

  3. Australia hello! Your the first blog I have heard from. You all don't mess
    around. There is a lot of business going on. Give me a few visits before I
    make any decisions. But I will be ready to jump in with two feet. Next time I will use my smartphone. ronald(peace)

  4. Thank you to the INO Team for the good wishes for Australia Day. It's a glorious day Down Under and everyone is celebrating, at the same time though we are remembering those that lost loved ones and lost everything in the recent floods in Queensland and of late in Victoria. Today has turned into a Fund raising day for the flood victims of Queensland and Victoria. I read in a news report this morning the damage bill will exeed AUD 20 billion, so every penny donated helps.

    Best wishes and happy Trading
    RM on the beautiful Sunshine Coast - Queensland

  5. Thanks Susan,and all the Folk at MarketClub,
    You sound like a great Sheila and a really great mate!
    Max and the mob downunder

  6. Thanks its a hot day here on the Gold Coast and we're all out waving the flag and enjoying the sun

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