Poll: One bad Apple spoils the bunch?

With the announcement that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, would be taking yet another medical leave of absence, the "golden" Apple took a dive and with it, so did the NASDAQ.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but the NASDAQ seems to lean heavily on this one booming tech stock.

So today I ask:

If Apple were to take a plunge, would it take the NASDAQ with it?

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19 thoughts on “Poll: One bad Apple spoils the bunch?

  1. Just watch the momentum... and when it begins to shift upward, get in on it... keep a stop loss an we'll be fine. Like last time, it's another buying opportunity.

  2. temporarily only. it's all a bit fickle if the population rest their business and financial confidence in one poor guy's health...no wonder he is ill again.

  3. Fundamentals move the markets in the very short term only. The Nasdaq is merely following the S&P 500 (and soon the Dow) down.

  4. I would not hold Apple at this time.If God forbid Steve dies the stock would shoot down a rabbit hole.

  5. Unfortunately, the timing of the Apple announcement and the break in the NASDAQ and RUSSELL (which was due) coinsided, making for a pretty impressive break. My work shows we were due for a setback, but the DJII has failed to lose its momentum. I would love to get short some of these markets, but fail to see a firm sell signal especially on the DJII. NASDAQ led the advance, so it figures that it would be one of the first to correct at these recent levels. Is there more downside INO??? What say???

    1. Linda,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      The trend as far as I'm concerned right now, today, is still positive on hold indices. However, the NASDAQ is getting very close to making a turn. Next week should be a very interesting week for us. We're watching our trade triangles very closely and should they give us a signal on the weekly trade triangles we would exit all long positions for intermediate-term traders.

      The one thing to remember about the markets is that they slide faster than they glide.

      All the best,


  6. If all the Nasdaqs stocks were put in a hat & one name pulled out randomly & that stock plunged @ some point in the future the odds are the Nasdaq would be declining with the decline of that stock.

  7. cultist leaders psychological downer,
    traders use as a symbol
    remember, most large cap tech did squat over last 10 years and it isn't going to change. those days will NEVER COME BACK

  8. Matthew, right on. Even long term investors had better have some kind of money management stops on -- it's the first rule of investing/trading -- don't lose your stake, and Adam preaches that (along with almost everyone else). Apple's been good for awhile, but are running into two big issues -- Jobs and how core he is to them (like it or not), and the fact that once you get to a certain size, it becomes hard to keep growing at the same rates. They are probably saving that cash stash to either grow via acquisition, which a lot of the market is doing, rather than increase the size of the pie, the big boys are just buying another slice of the same one, or to recognize they can't grow at this rate forever, and try to keep people in their stock by finally admitting it and putting out a dividend.

    NASDAQ is too heavily weighted to apple....so of course if it takes a dive, a dive in the NASDAQ is built in by design. This will also drag down other nasdaq stocks via selling of things like QQQQ -- the "etf smearing effect" I love to hate.

  9. Apple, like most other stocks is set by both short and intermediate term traders as well as investors. To say that Apple is a long term investment is highly inaccurate. Many may feel that playing Apple as a long term investment is profitable, but without the short and intermediate term traders and investors, there would likely be little liquidity. Also, stating that Apple is a long term investment hides the fact that if Apple were to take a big hit, there would have to be a major reason, and by hanging onto the stock, you may realize big losses that could take years just to recover from, with no gains. Look at GE stock, it was also referred to by many as a long term investment, but it has a long way to go before the long term investors even gain their money back, let alone make a profit.

    With regards to the original post, it is likely that the NASDAQ would take a major short term hit with the weight that Apple carries, though over time, Apple would likely lose its weight and the NASDAQ would rebound on other stocks.

  10. Steve Jobs has one foot on the bananna peel as he looks emaciated. The medical leave drop may be short lived, but the effects of the pancreatic cancer and a liver transplant are very serious and this may have devastating effects on the stock possibly in the near future!

  11. I believe it would be a jolt that would let some air out of exuberant expectations and
    hit suppliers hard

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