Poll: Can the Super Bowl impact the market?

This Sunday, millions of eyes will be glued to their television sets to watch the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers go head-to-head in the Super Bowl. Some will be watching for the game, some just to check out the commercials, but is there another side to the Super Bowl that affects us as traders?

Recently, I've read the remarks of several analysts who say that the Super Bowl could very well be a litmus test of retail sales for the year, but what do you think?

Will we see Super Bowl spending trickle down and affect the market?

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24 thoughts on “Poll: Can the Super Bowl impact the market?

  1. You realize the significance of this poll? It's lighthearted and not that important. Chill.

    The question was about the retail effects. The answer to that is "yes". People will buy more food (specific food... as legitimately mentioned) and the winning team (regardless of your highly emotional aversion to the game and its fans) will see significant increases in paraphernalia sales. Increased sales, last I knew, affect business. Will it be market-shattering? Not likely. Will there be an effect? Yes.

    You're clearly upset about something. Direct it where you should and not this thread. Your comments were disrespectful and abrasive. Unfortunately, you don't seem to see that. I think that speaks very clearly to your level of intelligence (education not being relevant).

  2. It's unfortunate how full of himself and overly concerned Burghard is about this poll. This is a completely insignificant and lighthearted poll. The generalization made about others he feels who must be less educated than him (clearly something he needs to convince himself of) was very disrespectful and ignorant. The question was about "trickle down" effects. The amount spent on Superbowl parties (regardless of what we feel about the game or the event) is significant in many households. Retail sales will get a bump. Winning team apparel etc will also be significantly affected. The answer is "yes". It's not market-shattering, but it does/will exist.

  3. It must really hurt your ego to be shown up by a 21 year old whom obviously knows more about markets and trading than you. This poll is about the US not the world. What 'irked' me was your generlistic comment about myself and the other people here. Everyone is stating there own opinion and you made it a personal attack on peoples education. This blog is not about football, you are correct, but it is about the mild effect it has on the market trend for these few days. No one said to go out and buy stocks we were just discussing the rise in these particular commodities. Also, just for your reference I also trade oil, pork, feeders, milk, corn, wheat and soybeans so actually I do look at the markets on a much grander scale than you can imagine and you have most likely eatin beef that I traded. I am not better just have a different outlook, the markets have a huge affect on my job so it is my personal opportunity to have a wider aspect and the ability to see them this way.

  4. ALYCIA,
    Look at your silly comment? Should I have bought cheese and beef stock today, just for it to go down on Monday?
    After all this is a stock market blog and not a footbal website.
    It is a known fact, that most football players in HS, or univercity can not read , write or fill out a job application. You may be a chees/beef commotity trader, but not one who looks at the whole picture. Maybe somewhat self centered.
    My comment was based on the previous 8 blogs (including yours). The universe is much bigger than the USA (God bless the USA)to be effected by a 60 minute game that lasts 4 hours.
    Besides, if you are irked by my blog on the internet. Get a life and welcome to reality. If you can not take it,
    refrane from dishing it out.
    I hope that the cheese and beef win. Good luck on your trades.

  5. Go Alycia! I found your input insightful, frankly. It hadn't occurred to me (because I really don't think about things like that a lot, I'm more macro) that there could be a real physical reason -- demand for munchies clearly rises at times like this -- you can see it in any supermarket, it's obvious what the carts are full of right around now. Doh!

  6. Also, I am not a drop out nor am I less educated. I am a commodities trader for the 4th largest feedyard in the country (170,000 hd of cattle at all times.) Im not bragging on myself but your last comment somewhat irked me, try not to prejudge people from the internet.

  7. I agree with where you are coming from, but I believe this poll is discusing the US markets and trading not world markets? And I also believe that in the US the superbowl is the most viewed sporting event not the world cup, even though it may be viewed more world wide.

  8. May the better team for the day win.
    But lets get serious, how can a one day event effect the overall spending and stock market.
    Did the World Cup have an impact on the markets around the world. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Concider, 95% of the viewership will be in the US the rest will be our wonderful troops overseas.
    The stock market reacts to worldwide events.
    Egypt has a much greater effect on the stock market, so do commotity or US Dollar events.
    Lets be honest, the less educated or drop outs from high school(just like the players)have nothing better to look forward too, except a day of Booze, Beer and Chips, as demonstrated by the comments so far.
    Opinion from a US Citizen and Veteran.

  9. I like to expand Joe's comment (which I like):

    It will either be grating cheese or scraping steel on Monday.

    Either way...enjoy the game and life goes on.

  10. No I do not believe the Super Bowl affects the markets BUT I DO BELEIVE IN THE STEELER NATION! GO STEELERS! GRADE SOME CHEESE ON SUNDAY.

  11. Anything to get someone to spend their money will effect the markets. The thing that will be interesting is if it effects the market or not. If it does then this would be an indicator of how bad our economy really is. When one event can effect it that much then we're in bad shape.

  12. I believe the myth carried some weight years ago, simply because we did not have today's market predictor technology. There is definitely some truth to moods and swings in markets, just like the moon affects some people and markets. Sun spots are supposed to have an effect on human behavior as well. At any rate, if it is negative, Helicopter Ben will be there to bolster the stocks and there is the middle east to watch.
    Good trading everyone

  13. Yes, the super does affect the market. Especialy the dairy market. It has already been studied and proven that each time the Packers go to the super bowl that the cheese market goes way up, as well as you can notice it during every other superbowl. The reason behind this is because of the amount of pizza and snacks made with cheese consumed during the game. It's just the simple game of supply and demand, just like every Thanksgiving the poultry markets go up and the beef markets go down. It's all completly logical.

  14. I voted yes, and here's why.

    Anything that affects the psychology of a large number of traders affects the market. When cheerful, they buy. When gloomy, they sell. Prices reflect that.
    I don't believe in the super bowl indicator myth, however. I think it's more how happy the game leaves investors, or not.

  15. I'd also like to add, Go Pack! I hope all of our Trader's Blog readers enjoy the Super Bowl and we'll see you back at it on Monday.


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