Congratulations Stevenson High!

We just received the results regarding the Stevenson High competitors! We are lucky to have such a passionate teacher provide us with frequent updates on his students' success using MarketClub. Here is an update of the most recent success in their stock market competition...

Well, the results are in. One of our teams finished 7th, and another 14th out of a field of 120 +!! On the other hand, the two other teams finished in the 80's (approx.) and 100 plus. Now, what is exciting is that the two top finishers are freshman and sophomores and they religiously followed MarketClub.

Thanks again for your help. You have a great product and I am looking forward to next years competitions.


*Teacher's name removed for privacy*
Adlai E. Stevenson High School
Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069

We wish a heartfelt congratulations to the students at Stevenson High on their trading success!


6 thoughts on “Congratulations Stevenson High!

  1. Thanks to all of the bloggers for your comments.
    What I am gleaning from your comments is basically, "how did you use Market Club to get your results". Well, first off teaching high school students what a market is in the first place is a job in itself. I am sure all of us can remember our first attempt at understanding the stock and commodity markets. It takes on a life of its own and in many cases becomes an avocation. So, getting the students up to speed on how markets work was the first hurdle. From there it was how do fundamentals and technicals compare with each other. The fundamental part was pretty straight forward,i.e. earnings, PE ratios, market scope, supply and demand, seasonal trends, etc.. However, the technical side was something they had great difficulty getting their arms around. Some of it was cognative due to their ages and some of it pre-conceived notions of how a markets move. So, after giving them a general view of fundamentals I started from the beginning of how to use technical trading. I made them construct their own bar charts, taught them trend lines and what they mean. From there, simple technical patterns such as double top, head and shoulders, triangles, etc.. From there it was on to moving averages and RSI and how they work in conjunction with the aforementioned classic patterns. Now, it was time to introduce Market Club. It seems all students have some level of "computereeze" so showing them how to navigate the site was easy. From there I showed them how to organize a portfolio, how to read the trade triangles which, interestingly enough, was the hardest thing for them to accept. It was classic second guessing, which we have all been guilty of at one time or another. From there it was teaching them the value of sticking with a system. As time progressed they became more and more comfortable with using MC and their returns gradually improved. Watching them grow from knowing next to nothing to traders understanding the value of both technical and fundamental analysis was indeed interesting.
    We are looking forward to next year and I am confident that the returning students will hit the road running and we will eclipse this year's performance.

  2. Good idea and carried out. but it would be helpful to me and perhpas others, if you showed % gain , max drawdown, method of selection used.. Of course, the individual skills also made a big difference.. but as one who has not yet found a basic procedure for MC, although I use it for due diligence on selections made by other means, I'd like some further llight on MC use..

  3. congratulations!
    Like every day, continue watching for tips and ideas for Stevenson High.
    all the best.

  4. smart kids...listened to DAD" advice. and that high school has a 99% college placement

  5. Congratulations to the teacher and students.Ive been following these updates for a while now they seem pretty consistent.Consistency is the key in these markets good luck in the future.

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