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If you have seen MarketClub TV, then we don't have to tell you that it's been a hit! Although we have gotten a great response, we want to appease all of our followers. So we are asking you!

What day works best for you to watch a live episode of MarketClub TV?

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What time frame works best for you to watch a live episode of MarketClub TV? (ET)

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Of course, we realize that certain times may work better on different days, so if you would like to leave a specific time of a certain day in our comments section it would be greatly appreciated!

The MarketClub Team

25 thoughts on “POLL: MarketClub TV

  1. from six p.m est onwards on fridays works best for me.much sought after programme.keep up the good work

  2. Here in NZ we are 16 hrs ahead of NY time so i think anytime from 4pm your time onwards.

  3. Adam, you're an ex-pat from over here in Blighty.You may already know that so many e-mail transmissions from Uncle Sam reach UK the FOLLOWING day,
    Including Market Club.

    Can anything be done ?

  4. Three things. 1, For some reason the days only allow one choice, when what I wanted to say was any day except Monday. 2, I'm with Loïc on timing, I'm in London. Finally, and at risk of stating the obvious, why not just record your broadcasts? Then we can all watch at whatever disparate times suit us.

  5. such a program very soought after by me, so I'd adjust to any time you find works for the largest number.

  6. being able to see a replay anytime is important,as i live in Australia with a different time zone and work odd hours sometimes

  7. Best day & time for MarketClub TV: FRIDAY after the market closes, 1 hr. program, 5PM-6PM.

    1.Weekly wrap-up of Adam's daily updates and any other significant market moves.

    2.Adam could drop weekend market update.

    3.Most US Market Holidays are on Mondays.

    4.MarketClub members, non-members and MarketClub staff and management could have three day holidays-
    Sat., Sun., Mon..

    5.MarketClub could continue a Maryland tradition of Friday market investment news,information and analysis. Maryland Public Television produced for PBS- "Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser" from 1970-2002. From television to the internet- MarketClub TV's "Weekly Market Review with Adam Hewison"

    Please Advise.

  8. Best Time for MarketClub TV(1 hr. max. showtime): On Friday's 1 hr. after the markets close(4:00PM,ET)in New York, NY.

    The advantages of Friday to members, non-members and MarketClub staff and management:

    1. The markets' weekly performances can be analyzed at the end of the trade week in USA.

    2. Adam could drop the Saturday/weekend update.

    3. MarketClub TV staff and management could start their weekend at 5:00 PM,ET Friday afternoon.

    4. The US Stock Market will be closed on Mondays for: Memorial Day,July 4th,Labor Day,Christmas Day(observed), making Monday a poor choice for MarketClub TV during the rest of 2011.

    5.MarketClub TV could be aired early afternoon, 2:00 PM,ET, Friday, November 25, 2011 because US Stock Market closes at 1:00 PM,ET- the day after Thanksgiving.

    6. For 2011, Christmas Eve & New Years Eve aren't until Saturdays,December 24th & December 31st respectively; MarketClub TV could be aired as usual on Friday, December 23rd & December 30th.

    7. For 2012, the US Stock Market will be closed on Mondays for: New Year's Day(observed), Martin Luther King Day,Washington's Birthday(Presidents Day), Memorial Day, Labor Day, making Monday a poor choice for MarketClub TV.

    8. MarketClub members, non-members and, MarketClub staff and management could enjoy three day weekends Sat.,Sun., Mon., because the US Stock Market will be closed on Mondays for most US holidays.

    9. End of the month/last Friday trading day market "window dressing" could be reflected in charts when MarketClub TV is aired on Fridays.

    10. Because Adam gives daily(M-F) afternoon market updates at 1:00PM,ET- the MarketClub TV "Weekly Market Wrap"(my show title suggestion)can incorporate all that he has said about the market all week during his afternoon market updates. It's a nice wrap-up of his daily updates and analysis.

    11. I'm old enough to remember Public Broadcasting Service or, more commonly called PBS had an engaging and thoughtful market investment news and information program called "Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser" on Friday evenings. I really miss the program; it was a challenge to my young mind in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and continuing until 2002.
    MarketClub TV's "Weekly Market Wrap" program could be the start of INO's version of "Wall Street Week..." and carry-on a US tradition of Friday market review but this time on the internet!

    Please Advise.

  9. Midweek (Wed or Thur) is the best interval between weekly MarketCLub TV and Adam's weekend review. BTW, all Adam's daily/weekly shows are a great. I learn a lot each time.

  10. Just a comment on the viewing poll. While I see that the majority are voting for Monday as the preferred day, I'm wondering why Friday would not be a better day. With Friday we could have a summing up of the week, take a look at (potential, depending on the time) weekly highs, have material and ideas to digest over the weekend, and a head's up on the Friday rule. Late Thursday also seems fine for the same reasons. I cannot see any advantage to Monday, but I'd like to hear why others chose it other than to best fit their personal work schedule or something.

    I am now in Europe and the time change is a problem for the live showing. However, personally I have no problem given that Adam and the team make it available to view at other more convenient times, which is just great. Even when I'm in the US I'm rarely able to watch it live.

    This program is a super addition to MarketCLub by the way. Really enjoy it and some things to learn. My only comment is that I'd like just a little further look at some of the emerging markets, or maybe just some comment about other markets that could even rotate from day to day or week to week, especially those other markets that were particularly active categories currently. Many thanks for the superb service you offer.

  11. Any day but the time has to be between 15.00 - 17.00 EST
    Out all afternoon and bedtime is 21.00!!

  12. Thursdays at 4:00 pm is best for me. Mondays prior to market opening are ok too. Thanks for all you do for us.

  13. Let's see, Thursday evening. What to do? Weed the garden? Mow? Take out the trash? Nope, gotta watch Marketclub TV. Actually, that's the problem. Too many choices. It would be better for me right after the market closes, or, even in the afternoon, when the market is more quiet, but I'm still thinking about it.

  14. Hello,

    Easier if it is in the morning (US Eastern time) considering the time difference that exist between North America and European countries.



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