Is It Time To Ditch Your Blackberry?

Shares of RIMM took a major hit today, closing down 18.99% a share. This came in the wake of a highly disappointing August quarter financial report after the close on Thursday. RIMM reported disappointing sales, profits short of estimates, and weaker-than-expected sales of both BlackBerry smartphones and Playbook tablets.

However, MarketClub members have been short this market since March.

The trend is your friend, and so are MarketClub’s “Trade Triangles.”








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11 thoughts on “Is It Time To Ditch Your Blackberry?

  1. That was well said Steve.... "the glowing screens." They are EVIL long term and a real detriment to the well being of society.

  2. ha ha, I thought this was going to be a discussion on cell phones. I did ditch my touch-screen "Torch", but I don't particularly like any touch screen. I think the goal with the new phones is to sell as many "apps" as possible . . . my idea of a good phone is one that doesn't decide to routinely dial someone while it is bouncing around in a pocket.

    I think we all spend way too much time staring at small glowing screens. I walk around college campus and half the students are staring intently at their phones. From there we go to the laptops or desktops. Then we go watch TV for a couple hours. Then check the cell phone for messages and go to bed, maybe with a TV in our bedroom. God only knows what the average time spent watching glowing screens is nowadays.

    So, yes, maybe it is time to ditch the Blackberry, and all the other damn screens, at least for one day a week. If that is hard to imagine, then I just made my point.

  3. Hello there,

    I am also trader, and I have to say that triangle technology is free online, I do not know who invented, but this is simple program downloaded from internet.

  4. @Cpoarch
    You can find many Websites that offer screening capabilities according to your own stock criteria.
    Stockcharts_dot_com is one of them, or dig into Yahoo's Financial section.

  5. All I know is that I have lost money and opportunity when I have doubted the triangles....even though they are not perfect, I am even less perfect!!

  6. Not sure exactly what you mean by stock performers greater than 5% each day. The think or swim platform has a stock scanner built into the platform. It has a variety of scans and there is an option for creating your own study scan. That takes a bit of work but they are very helpful.

    Good trading

  7. Looks great but this is hindsight. Show us a set up now that would have similar potential if held for a period of time.



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