Great News For iPhone and iPad Owners Everywhere

I love my iPhone and iPad, but one of my frustrations was not being able to look at our very own MarketClub charts.

Now for the good news!  That problem has been solved for me with this amazing new app called Puffin.  It is only $0.99 and easily downloadable from the App Store. The Puffin App works like your Safari browser.  It doesn't replace Safari, it is just another browser choice you have for surfing the web.

For just $0.99 this app is a steal and can change the way you surf the web and how you view our charts.  Now you can have MarketClub and MarketClub TV on your iPhone or your iPad wherever you are 24/7.

Every success in using this new app and MarketClub,

Adam Hewison

For the MarketClub team


16 thoughts on “Great News For iPhone and iPad Owners Everywhere

  1. Hi Jeremy
    I am going to sign up in the New year for a trial,now that the aussie markets are available. Will market club work on a Samsung Galaxy S2 running on Android? Android is going to become more and more popular...please let us know.

    1. Gazza,

      Glad to hear your going to take a trial. The Aussie markets are fun to watch.

      From my understanding, if you download Flash for Android it will work on your Galaxy S2. I don't have firsthand experience with this as I don't have access to one to try it out at the present time.


  2. This goes for the Ipod as well.

    It´s a superb little computer, especially once it has been jailbroken.

  3. I just searched for Puffin in the App's store & didn't find anything. Is this the correct spelling?

  4. Marketclub is great!
    Why can't $RUT and $VIX be added?
    I use both of these charts as guidelines for
    my trades.

  5. Any chance when MarketClub will work on chart viewing without using Puffin, like HTML5, JavaScript, etc.?
    For now this will work and thank you for the suggestion. Happy Holidays to everyone.

  6. Live equities would be great. Great news on Puffin too...thanks! They eat Puffin in Iceland don't they?

  7. Good improvment to an already great platform. The real question is how long do we have to wait until Market Club goes live for all equities and not just the currencies.

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