11 thoughts on “Last trading day of the year ... what do you think?

  1. When you take away the unchanged (fence sitters) It works out atm 55% short .. I see the probaility it going higher to be diminished somewhat with record losses this year across the board .. yes even Gold.

  2. Pent up buying demand, hope for a stronger housing market and positive impact on economy, rotation into the beaten down junior resource market, golds continued rally makes miners best bet in 2012 as investors finally, maybe, realize it is real and put the value back into the big miners and proven resource companies.

    Did I say I hope?


  3. Since October Merkel and Sarkozy have had control of the S&P. I see no reason why that will not continue with a rally they will start in about a week. I vote higher.

  4. Hello,

    Please excuse my writing as I have
    never done something like this before.

    Lower if the 4 trillion tax credits, passed I
    believe in 2002, 2004 and 2006, are extended
    to a large degree. Even much Lower if our
    credit rating is lowered further by credit agenciies.

    Higher if these 4 Trillion Dollar Tax Cuts
    are just allowed to Expire.

    This is a ping pong political issue with no
    agreed upon respect that the budget of
    our country must be as respected as
    your own personal budget.

    Pass a new law stating that all Congressional
    members would be responsible, in part,
    After they leave office and I believe our Countries
    Budget Woes would be solved instantly.

    The next election and Mr Obama's
    backbone will decide the direction of
    the stock market, the direction of our
    economy and the rest of the world.
    Hopefully all will go well.

    Flip a coin. Sad isn't it?

    Ben Franklin, George Washington and
    of course Alexander Hamilton must
    be rolling in their graves.

  5. I await the Jan indicator with interest, the dollar continues to be strong. The trade triangles for gold are now all pointing down. Another dollar rally in silver should present an interesting trade in ZSL. Watch out for Iran as they are not prone to follow logic and may close down the Strait. Then there is always Europe. I vote lower.

  6. I vote higher, because it is only predicting the next month.
    but beyond that, huge downside in 2012
    Happy New Year???

  7. I think lower, but since the majority are voting the same, it will probably close higher. You know what they say about following the herd mentality.

    Happy New Year To One and All

  8. Hi from Argentina!
    Voted Higher
    Its a mean of good wished for Americans although we know that the european currency
    "adjusting" operation: sovereign backed eurobonds is to be completed.
    3 dg FRANCE AAA Q

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