Is Apple stock on your radar now?

With the announcement of dividend payouts by Apple we wanted to ask....

Would you consider buying Apple stock now that they are offering a dividend?

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19 thoughts on “Is Apple stock on your radar now?

  1. I understand if people want to ride it all the way to the blow-off top, but I agree with the comments, including those of Paul and JP.

    Euphoria is fine if you know the danger it signifies. There is too much tech-bubble hype going on here, including the lack of a no-answer on the poll. Mea culpa INO!!

    Crucially, the innovator behind Apple's recovery is no longer with us. Then look at some facts.

    Apple's policy locking of its iphone to specific mobile operators stinks. If you have the misfortune of an operator's bad reception you are locked in for the length of the contract - two years. That means you have useless iphone for two years after paying 1000 dollars for iphone and contract.

    Compared to others the iphone is heavy and bulky and does not fit into a pocket easily. The phone chews battery time and you reload twice a day. Unlike the other phones the display surface is glass.

    Samsung which carries the Android is selling 3X as well as the iphone. The laptops and the ipad, also Steve Jobs' baby, are the ones bringing home the bacon. But where is the company going from here?

    The huge dividend and the complete lack of leverage in the company tells me innovation is dead for the moment and the company may face competition from new players unless it continues innovating, and that we don't know yet.

    Apple might just choke on its massive surplus. Paul had the idea right. 1200 or 128. I say maybe even in that order. What planet is everyone on right now? With Europe and China in recession, where is the growth engine? Apple and Obama's solar power?

    We will probably see a peak May-June and then a repeat of the Great Depression. Then the stock will hit 8% of what it is now. What are people going to do then? Switch on their I-gadgets to avoid the blood on the floor?

    There is too much deja vu going on here.

    1. PC I know exactly where you are coming from but the Nasdaq has lead the charge since March 2009 and is the only index that has not reached it's previous all time high from 2000. I am of the opinion it will get there. I like riding the last explosive wave up before we see the global economy explode! If anyone has any common sense at all and fundamental knowledge they see it comming. Investors trade on emotions and that is what creates the chart patterns and euphoria that we are now experiencing so hop on the bus and ride the big wave down when it comes. I am keeping a eye out for a huge 12 year forming double top in the Nasdaq. It could happen in 1 or 2 months or it could happen next year but it can't get there without Apple. I am also going to be careful at the 68 fib area.

  2. Bought a type of European non-expiring in-the-money option ('sprinter call with knock-out at strike price') just after the earnings gap, added a little on the way. So far so good. There have been no trade triangles telling me to get out, so I'm in!

  3. I sold apple in the 2009 crash. for $128 us. I was glad to get 1/2 of my shirt back. I lost a 18% of my investment.
    So, for a looser like me, all I can say I missed the boat.
    Maybe if you buy now at 600 you can ride it all the way up to 1200, or all the way back down to 128. HMMM

  4. Paying out dividends has lowered the value of the stock given that dividend funds started buying last December. Will look again at $520.00 and hope for a low of $460-$480 to buy back in.

  5. Why can't I answer "No" ? The most negatory I can answer is "I'm not sure." This looks like a push poll to me.

  6. AAPL is a parabola right now. Parabolas never, ever end well, even for a great company like Apple. I expect a blow off top followed by a mini-crash. That will be a buying opportunity.

  7. Where was the option that I going to short AAPL?

    What happens when the bellweather drops? Usually the soldiers follow the general.

  8. Apple should split so that the price is more investor friendly for smaller investors.

    1. The price of the stock is immaterial. If you want to get $5,000 of AAPL you buy 9 shares. Its totally the same as buying 90 shares at $50 in terms of capital outlay, risk and reward possibilities. Purely psychology saying it is not retail friendly at current price.

  9. In my opinion apple is a large long time player in it's industry and it's price will split and continue to rise pay out dividends for sometime in the future. Now, if the 1930's doesn't play out in the world economy it is a good opinion. We shall see what we shall see.

  10. my stock has doubled in the last year or so - and I am buying some more - selling -
    some of my funds investing in China -

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