Mega Millions...Do you play?

With a record jackpot of $540 million the lines are long at your local convenience store to buy a ticket. Of course at MarketClub we have bought our office pool tickets, but we want to know...

Do you play the Lottery?

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We would also like to ask this. If you won the jackpot how would you spend it?

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46 thoughts on “Mega Millions...Do you play?

  1. Call me naive, but I thought you guys running the market club website were already wealthy through your trading. Does that mean if you had won the mega millions lottery that you would have shut down market club?

  2. Hawaii is backwards I think. No lottery. No scratch offs. Not even bingo!!
    And no good reasons not to have a lottery. My word!! The taxes they are missing.

    Get on board people.

    What would I do with the riches?? Travel. Put the kids with a top notch tutor.
    Allow them to play the sports they want. Find the wife a perfect boyfriend.

    Travel some more. Get a personal jet. And get serious about my bucket list. And
    show no fear.

    And buy a couple of politicians to get a lottery here in Hawaii.

  3. Hey,its huge money and its next to a crazy dream,any way i would just transfer the money to high yield safe interest paying nationalise banks like in India etc,wear i would collect monthly interest and spend on my self,community charity,friends to make they and my life a better one.

  4. I would make a large contribution to the catholic school my children attend. Also, to my alma mater West Virginia University. Give my parents enough to live comfortably as well as my sister. Payoff all our debts so my wife could stay home and care for our children properly. I would then dedicate my like for those who are truly in need from a health and financial perspective. Also, I would to make inroads in making the US a great place to live again.

  5. I will pay off my student loan and then back to school to take my master degree. I will stay home to take care my family, do not need to work.

  6. I would be very generous, for a little while and after, I would get lost, very lost.

  7. I would give all my friends a million. Then I would donate to many, many animal rights groups. Also, to many of the small animal and wildlife rehabilitation groups around the country. Then, I have an
    investment firm that has been doing extremely well, that I would put money into, so I could give more to the animal people, with those profits. I would give NOTHING to the hippocritical churches. Also, I would give NOTHING to people, because they have a choice about birth control, whereas animals DO NOT!! Until this nation AND world learn
    to control the population growth, especially the have-nots, I will never donate a penny to them!!

  8. dont waste time thinking about it, buy the ticket 176 million to one odds of me hitting so buy and pray.

  9. I have a dream 450 millin dollars in Indian currency means 27000000000 Rupees.
    If you give every family say Rs 50,000 for getting operated with only one child. Many will come forward.

    So we can stop ever exploding population growth. Stop 540000 births

    Lol good use of money

  10. Put 4 mil aside for living expenses, give Mother "Access" to 4 mil for herself and other family members, split the rest among the ASPCA, Prostate Cancer research, and COMPETENT legal representation for poor men falsely accused of DV.

    1. Wait grasshopper, be the spider and wait for the prey to come to you No, Simon Sez gave PFE a buy signal today. It appears it will be for a nice 7 day run. Simon Sez is usually two (2) daze ahead of the Market club. I use Simon as an early warning or heads up and simply wait for the marketclub to concur.

      Now,if you have TOS charts, the low bubble (buy) was yesterday and today a high bubble popped for a sell signal with a kewl profit. However, with a possible headfake, would put in an ask price at 22.76 and continue the journey.

      With Maketclub, be kewl and go with the flow and wait for next red arrow and get out. Buy back in when the green arrow appears.

      Quilln - a poor church mouse scratching for a living.

  11. Buy silver and U.S. minted silver currency and pre 1932 gold currency. Buy property in Chile and get a second passport. The dollar will be DEAD by the end of this year. Be ready!

  12. With the rough $270M after taxes I'd take $200M put half in silver and half in gold and lease it at 3.5% a yr in like metal. Best annuity you'll find. $70M to buy cars that wife wants, place in Hawaii on acreage and new home on acreage to be self sustaining. Build new home with large vault and be self sufficient. Donate large amount to Cheetah conservation Fund and other charities wife and I support. Do more outreach work than we already do. Buy a few more guns and 500,000 rounds of ammo.

    1. Watch out Adam. I don't play, but if I did and won, I would hire all the out of work guys at Home Depot in Oxon Hill, MD.; hire Ben to be their Supervisor/Manager and start building Solar Sheds.

  13. e have no debt. I would set aside enough to pay for our needs, set up nodest trust funds for our adult children, fund our grandchildren's educations, donate the rest to charities and monetary gifts for the grossly underpaid teachers in our community.

  14. First of all I would take the cash NOW (and not the annuity over 30 years). I would "carve out" $80 million to establish two trusts of $40 million each, named after my mother and father in order to do The Lord's work (and not like Lloyd Blankfein meant it!). About $150 Million would go into short term treasuries to cover taxes. That leaves about $160 million for me, spent this way . . .

    1. Pay off all debt
    2. Pay for an eye operation (needed!)
    3. Give to family members and select friends
    4. Buy lots of silver and gold
    5. Continue and expand my trading
    6. Go on a nice trip every now and then.
    7. Buy a house, a car, and a new computer
    8. Continue giving to others

    Its a wonderful fantasy and it only costs a dollar!

  15. I don't buy lottery tickets, nor do I involve myself with any gambling. However if I obtained 540 million it would be easy to spend. First would be to clear all debt, second to buy an acreage or farm and proceed to become totally independent of all help, like food, (I would grow/raise my own) Power, (I would generate my own), heat, (I would create my own). I would set my children up with businesses of their choice so they could become financially independent, and counsel and bankroll them to success. Then I would turn my attention to the street people and do my best to change their mindsets to a successful life, whatever they may perceive that to be. And I would be certain to pay at least 10% to my church and be as instrumental as possible in helping others get out of the rat race without carrying them beyond what was good for them. It is totally important to earn your own possessions, I believe, because if you don't they don't belong to you, so earning is the big key, not "winning" in a lottery.

  16. I only play with the office pool because the probability is a little higher LOL. If I won I would make secure investments off of a certain amount of the money to live comfortably and use the rest to open a mission that would NOT GIVE TO THE POOR! Reason: it will only hurt them in everyway possible in life. My mission would help the poor and teach them how to fish. "Feed a man a fish today and tomorrow he will be hungry again. Teach a man to fish and he will feed himself for life" If that can't learn how to fish I would simply just toss them back into the water. Maybe they will return and learn. Our government feeds the poor to oppress them. Now 50 million are on food stamps. It can only get worse. Do gooder givers are a bunch of LOOsers! Oh, and by the way that will not give you a ticket heaven so read the good book and figure it out. Forget Carma because there is no such thing! haha

    1. Karma exists my friend. And it shows up when it wants.

      Always best to do the right thing from the get go.

      From: Had my fun and got bit.

      Karma, a believer.

  17. Get my support system in place and some vital legal advice.

    The monies have to be wired or transferred to a pre-arranged special account. You don't get a check with a bunch of zero's on it.

    As per my advisors, put half into Municipal Trusts. Park the monies in my brokerage account

    Then change my unlisted phone number to another unlisted number. Go on a 14 day kruz to ponder as in "to estimate the worth of, to appraise,"

    Continue as a Swing Trader to keep busy. On Wednesday's to take some money away from the Doctor's in the friendly game of Golf. 9 Hdcp.

    and finally, here for golf and relaxation. Has a runway strip for small planes to land in the back yard.

  18. I live in Alaska we dont have lotto's here . would be nice to be able to play , and really nice to win one , If i did win well set up all 3 of my boys and travel go places i have always wanted to and spoil my grand kids..

  19. This is why I play the lottery and only at certain times. On top of my dresser in my bedroom I have what they call is a "Kindness Box". This is where I place all the lost money I find on the street while I am out and about. Usually it's coins that I find, mostly pennies. But in February while coming out of a store in the parking lot, I found a $10 bill in the "slush". Also I add the money that I collect from the local recycled place here for aluminum cans. So over time I can accumulate a couple of dollars.

    What I then do is wait for the big jackpot lotteries like Mega Millions or Power Ball to exceed $100 million before I play. Then I play just $1 from the fund until someone wins it. Any winnings other than the jackpot goes back into the Kindness Box for future plays. But, if the jackpot is ever won then a majority of the money will be used to help people in need. If that ever occurs then I will set up some sort of organization to determine and distribute where it is needed. Everything from people [especially children] with life threatening medical conditions, to people & families that are homeless, to women who are abused / raped, etc. In general for people who are suffering from the ills of society or unexpected hardships that occur in life. So playing the lottery is not to gain wealth for myself but really to help others.

    Finally, I read an article about a study out of the University of North Carolina years ago that said that over 80% of lottery winners end up worst off after winning the jackpot than they were before they won. Shocking uh? Also the wife of one of the biggest Powerball jackpot winners ever out of W Va. said on ABC Good Morning America years after winning, that she wished she would of tore up the ticket. WOW ! So each time I buy a ticket I pray, "LORD, if this is not from You then PLEASE let me lose". Because I do not want the heart ache and trouble that will come with it". I pray this based on what is written in the book of Proverbs

    Proverbs 10:22

    22 The blessing of the LORD brings wealth,
    and he adds no trouble to it.

    So that is why I play the lotto

    1. Enjoyed your reply. I hope one day you are lucky enough to win.

      may all your good thoughts bring you the good Karma you deserve.

  20. Play with office pool. Would be debt free and able to help others that are truly in need ..... not the useless & lazy that want a hand out.

  21. One chance every drawing (2x/week) costs less than a half gallon of store brand ice cream. Both have the habit of being bought and slipping out the back door. Multiple chances for MM? With 176M-1 odds of hitting jackpot even an office pool of 100 slips makes negligible improvement over 1. I'm In and positive, but I like my chances better with AMZN!

  22. 1st thing I'd do is move to a new location. I'd secure the future for my children, parents, in-laws and a couple of my true friends. Then I'd do something similar to what Travis M stated. I'd also like to have hands-on participation in a charity organization.

  23. With that kinda money who knows what you could spend it on. i'd certainly be looking to help the deprived in Africa.

  24. I would pay off all my debt as well as any pertaining to my children, buy some land in the country, give to a number of charitable causes that I currently support, start a local college scholarship program for high school students with interests in golf and having issues with diabetes and invest the rest in ways that will provide a secure future for my family and possibly generations to come.

  25. I agree with the view that this is a tax on the poor. No government, and I come from the UK which also has a lottery, should resort to this form of taxation.

  26. It's fascinating that governments continue to vilify the investment industry as a bunch of crooks from whom the general public requires protection, and yet they produce lotteries that prey on the desperation of the most needy.

    If you understand math, you know that the odds of your winning are about the same whether or not you buy a ticket.

    Lotteries are simple fun for the odd office pool, but I've been behind people at the corner store who obviously didn't have a lot of money and were putting down $200 to buy tickets. There goes the rent and a month's worth of food.

    Anyway, good luck to the MC office! If you win, I assume the money will go towards real-time commodity pricing (?)


  27. I would invest in my family's future, kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Buy some precious metals. Continue to support military veteran's organizations as well as some others. Donate to my church. Live happily ever after!

  28. I haven't played the lottery since 1991. It seemed like a waste of time and I hate to travel with large crowds.

  29. To your second question as to how I would spend the money, I would use it to buy land and build houses or buy older homes and get them renovated , put them up for sale to people who cannot afford a down payment and give them very low interest rates, this would help the housing and construction industries and also give out low interest loans for individuals who have heavy interest debt, thus helping decrease peoples burden .. I would also invest a lot of it to increase my ability to further help the economy...

  30. We would buy an apartment in Tuscanny, Italy. And my wife wants a Maserati. Grandson's college fund would be filled, mortgage paid off and my 1962 Porsche Roadster restored/re-painted.

    Invest the majority of it.

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