Poll: Is the ECB going to deliver and save the Euro?

Based on the way the market is closing today, I would say that you're not going to see QE3 or any major announcements coming from Europe tomorrow. Just my take.

What do you think?

Is the ECB going to deliver and save the Euro?

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10 thoughts on “Poll: Is the ECB going to deliver and save the Euro?

  1. They will jawbone to the infinite degree if they think it will benefit. Eventually jawboning won't have any effect, Then they will take actions within their mandated authority and beyond in all attempts to save the Euro, to save face and to benefit their 'arns-length' investment prtfolio. Eventually they will forget entirely what their authority allows then to do and what it does not. They will expend and pretend; deny and lie; sacrifice sacred cows and eventually some will self sacrifice. In the end, after more than enough, and after all hope is lost and anyone who is still paying attention has lost all confidence in the administration and the administrators, it will be allowed to succumb to it's natural state without a wimper as no vested interests will remain. But don't worry, there will be a rebirth of hope in a new instrument that promises to be better; addresses all of the shortfalls of the Euro and is fully backed, regulated, allocated. But be forwarned - there will be built-in opportunities for misrepresentation, fraud and devaluation. That is the fundamental character of fiat.

  2. Europeans can never agree on anything. I will be watching important support and resistance pivot points and decide if it is the start of a massive Bull Market (HA!) or the resumption of a bigger picture Bear Market. Keep in mind this is a election year and the Gov't will do anything to prop up the market but when the house of cards are ready to fall look the ____ out!

  3. The politicians in Europe will not deliver soon enough, they are allways very much behind the market. I will not rule out that this opera will take some time to unfold in to a crash, it always takes a hell of a long time for the caracters (singers) to die. But The EU is (more or less) a democracy, the voters will have the last say and it is a NO MORE PAIN.

  4. Draghi does not have the political support to implement what he was saying. The politicians never thought that EUR introduction through. The treaty does not provide for an exit. But since when did any of the EU country comply with the Treaties . They all signed in the hope for free money. The outcome of the ECB meeting will be more talk and no action. But the best they all hope for is that the FED will come to the rescue and print more money. In other words, and in that case, why did they not introduce the EuroDollar? There were plenty of them, and at better cost.

  5. They will do what ever it takes to bail everyone out. QE to INFINITY!
    just my worthless 2 cents.

  6. If Germany was smart, they would exit the Euro before Germany loses their people money.

  7. When have the Europeans ever delivered? Violating the ECB mandate will not pass muster with Germany.
    There is no big rabbit Super Mario can pull out of his pants.
    Look for Grexit, Spanish debt at 7.5% next week.
    These problems are govt issues that no politicians have been willing to deal with.
    Next Monday will be the newest "bloody Monday"

    1. I don't know, it might be ready for a bounce by then from SPY 132-133 level.

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