9 thoughts on “Questions for MarketClub TV?

  1. Pls look at RSP- the equal weighted version of SPY-SPX as it is on a buy and all the others are not. Any ideas?

  2. Hi,

    Could you look at Gulfport (GPOR). It has had great long term and shorter term movement. Do the triangles see this one going further or taking a breather in the shorter term? Thanks

  3. Hi,
    I'd like to know how to apply the Monthly, Weekly & Daily triangles to differents markets.

    Sometime you use: Monthly Triangle for Trend & Weekly for Timing
    and another time you use: Weekly Triangle for Trend & Daily for Timing.

    Please clarify for : Stocks, comodities, Forex, etc....


  4. Hi Adam,

    I figure interest rates will rise sometime. Some experts are predicting a 0.5 rise in interest rates for 2013. Would investing in TBT be good if this happens. It is at about $60 a share now, where would it go if interest rates did rise 0.5 in 2013?

  5. With so many signals generated (3 triangles green) how do you choose only one or two?
    Thank you,

  6. Hi Jeremy
    This one is actually for you - Adam reckons you will know!
    Is there a market club app for the Android Samsung G3 smartphone and Samsung tablet?
    I will join market club in January and am angling to get a smartphone for Christmas to allow me mobile access (although I already have a Samsung tablet).

    Can you look at Karoon and Telstra on ASX perhaps? They are opposites in a way Karoon is speculative and Telstra is a untility. Karoon can't seem to make the levels the analysts suggest and Telstra just keeps on steadily climbing.
    kind regards


    1. Gary,

      Unfortunately Android dropped Flash Apps and Flash itself from their programming back in July of this year. At the present time there isn't a way to get Flash on an Android tablet or phone.

      Wish I had better news for you,

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