3 thoughts on “MarketClub TV for 1/09/13

  1. Dear Robert,

    I am in NZ with a .com address. INO TV works for me. You need to remember to login to the site, otherwise you will forever have to fill out details each time. Takes a while to get this correct


  2. I give up.
    So many times I've tried to get onto your market club TV and again this morning Australia time. But your system says "sorry" and won't allow me into "Market Club TV" so matter which way I fill out the form. Yes I'm here in Australia, but my web address is (dot com). Not (dot com AU) ever though I'm in Australia.
    As far as I know you signed me up as dot com because thats me....(dot com) otherwise I wouldn't get your mail..
    If I'm resticted then can me out. I will resign.
    Or fix the system problem
    thanks... Robert Gilmour

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