Poll: Sequester Cuts

Sequestration is set to begin on March 1, 2013. We wanted to take a survey of our readers and see how you feel about it.

What do you think of the upcoming sequestration?

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18 thoughts on “Poll: Sequester Cuts

  1. I can not understand how the American people can just keep ignoring the constant lying the White house is dishing out ,
    Why are we not?

  2. I find 'sequester' an interesting use of a word that I always immediately think Syphilis and the known sequester of this condition. This analogy is apt as it describes our current and past political participants.

  3. It's apparent that some of you guys don't get that nothing is cut, spending still increases, and so does the debt. Don't fall for the feel good lines you are fed, do your own homework. It's too late to "fix it" by the way, simply do the math,.

  4. I don't think Congress has the guts to stop the cuts, I think they just might go thru. They may kick the can but I don't think so, not this time. I would like to see the cuts go thru and watch them try to get by with less money like most families do. They rob us thru inflation and higher taxes. They send our jobs overseas (free trade, what a joke) and then they tell us things are getting better. They pass laws to please their big campaign donors, then hide behind each other and blame each other for things that go wrong. It's time to cure their addiction to spending, but I don't see it happening as that's how they get their votes. Corruption abounds in the halls of Washington D.C. as sure as night follows day. Until this corruption ends, until the manufacturing comes back home, until this out of control spending stops, I'm afraid America has already seen its better days. I hope not, but that's the way it looks to me.

  5. I say let it happen. Then America can see what a balanced budget means and what the true realities of a balanced budget are. I have to live on a balanced budget, so should the Government.

  6. Sequestration at last, sequestration at last. About time the reckless spending stops and while we're at it let's make it permanent and broader in scope. Spending hard earned money on perceived threats and wasteful programs is simply not affordable. Funding education delivered in dozens of languages where the official language should be english is warped beyond correction and needs to starve from lack of funding. Having politicians that feel they have to pass new laws prior to reading and understanding the implications of their actions simply need to be turned out to pasture in la-la land.

  7. The current political system in a nutshell is nothing but the art of organized crime performed and administered by self serving, morally bankrupt cowards. When the people of this country put rules in place to keep this pestilence in check, we will then be able to move forward. Until then we will be tasked with financing our own fleecing!

  8. I would like to think that we have intelligent people in Congress and the White House but I am convinced that they don't have a clue as to what to do to solve the current crisis. Congress will probably "kick the can down the road", but allowing the cuts to occur can't be any worse then the situation created by the politicians who "represent us and want what is best for us and our country".

  9. It is all a big freakin Joke. They are not cuts at all, it is just allowing the increases to go into affect. Don't you know that our Poeticians are a slightly disingenuous.

  10. I think they should start by cutting their salaries and benefits 10% a month until they can come up with a balanced and fair budget. The worthless spending must stop.

  11. Congress is too spineless to take responsibility and take a hard vote on cuts that affect their constituents. It is much easier to take no responsibility for automatic stupid cuts than take responsibility for targeted smart cuts. Both sides can then point their finger across the aisle and blame the other side for the painful results. The sequester will occur, I'm just suprised a forward looking and overbought market hasn't corrected for it yet.

    As the great philosopher F. Gump said "Stupid is as stupid does," and it's hard to find a more stupid bunch of people than in Congress where they are put party ahead of country while our economy struggles to recover.

    1. Congress must understand that there is no realistic alternative to cut spending - any other alternative will inevitably lead us down the same road as the one Greece took.
      The equations which define reality may only be cheated over a short period - this has been demonstrated most recently in Norway and Sweden, both of which countries tried the same diet of profligate spending on which Congress has placed its trust, and now have made huge cuts in spending and also cut tax rates.
      There is no reason why this great nation of ours cannot be run like a business. The goal is to make a profit which is to be shared with all those who contributed to it. If the country is to provide every diehard indigent with every need, basic or otherwise, there will never be enough profit to do so.
      Having to deal with the meat-cleaver cuts of sequestration should force the Congress to make rational decisions, the results of which should be quantifiable.
      What we have today,is what Messrs. Erskine and Bowles said was "mindless, stupid, stupid, stupid" forays into the unforgiving world of econometrics.

  12. What a bunch of spineless Clowns... This president and congress have given new
    meaning to the word: IMMORAL!! How dare them saddle generations of the unborn
    with such insanity....

  13. Politicians should stop being politicians making decisions based on being re-elected; and start acting like statespersons
    based on what is good for the country, and for the majority of people in it.

  14. The nation needs a new political party of the center. The current parties are dominated by factions that are so ideologically perverted that they place their loyalty to party above any sort of compromise that might lead to a resolution of the nation's problems.

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