Poll: Which smartphone do you own?

The smartphone wars are heating up again with the release of Samsung's new Galaxy S4 phone and Apple's new iPhone 5s right around the corner. Personally, I'm more interested in the software package of the new phones vs. the look, screen size, camera and so on. What about you? What do you look for in a new phone? We would also like to know....

Which smartphone do you own?

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One thought on “Poll: Which smartphone do you own?

  1. Plain Jane cellphone--no smartphone--yet. Leaning toward Samsung. T

    he Apple-Samsung suit which started when Steve Jobs was in charge (he would have tried to settle?) did not settle. Will go to appeal. Not good for Apple. They rely on Samsung for screens and specialized memory and one other not so critical component. There are other sources at the same quality but they cannot deliver the quantity Apple needs. Other suppliers have lower quality screens etc. About 18 months left on the current supply contracts which Samsung has said they will not renew.

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