Poll: What do you think of U.S. taxes?

With Apple CEO, Tim Cook, on the hill today testifying about Apple's overseas money hoard, I thought we should bring up that ugly word on this blog - Taxes!! The biggest challenge we have in this country is a dysfunctional IRS and tax code.

Please indicate your answers below. If you have a comment, and it seems everyone does when it comes to taxes, please feel free to use this blog to share your opinions.

What do you think of U.S. Taxes?

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12 thoughts on “Poll: What do you think of U.S. taxes?

  1. There are many among us who feel that to pay one's taxes is a patriotic duty. I would agree with that sentiment, except for one important consideration: those in power are using the money to bail out their friends, line their pockets, and use our hard-earned cash to subsidize their lifestyle. In order for any of us to buy a $1000 item for our children, we must earn $2000 because taxes -- not food, not shelter, not education -- now make up our single largest expense.

    The next time you see a politician getting on a government jet, remember, ALL of the money you paid in taxes last year will just barely cover her fuel bill to get where she's going. And every time you see senators and congressmen enjoying themselves at one of those swanky Washington soirees that they so love, remember, ALL the taxes you paid last year MIGHT cover the bill for appetizers. And when you see arts grants going to talentless wonders who feel they are so "special" that the government has to subsidize their artistic "genius," remember, ALL your taxes for last year MIGHT pay for the rental of his or her studio. And when you see multiple generations of famlies living off the wlefare state -- and yet still managing to scrape enough money together for a vacation in Florida (yes, this is an actual case!) -- remember, ALL the taxes you paid last year will NOT cover their hotel bills for their 1-month getaway.

    Still feel that paying your taxes is a duty? Or are you just the stooge at the poker table who hasn't figured it out yet?

  2. Most of the bloggers here are Tea Party right wing nuts who do not believe in Taxes. And these are same guys FIRST in LINE to pick those welfare checks... these rednecks are mostly from Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana etc... in fact, most of the well to do pay little or no taxes ... Ask Mitt Romney.. Check with General Electric...

  3. Oky 1, Above, says it all! To that I would add, to every one with a phone or email, lets nationally make a united statement to the president and congress, on July 4th 2013, every employed unemployed US citizen will pay not a dime more taxes until those financial clowns on the hill get their acts together.
    Cut off the money supply to congress, and watch the rats scurry for "safety".

    Adam, the poll you provide is poorly structured, having to deal with what you provide I would choose 2 & 3.

    Chase the Gangsters out of US Congress,

    Love to All,


  4. This is nothing new, lower taxes actually promote higher tax income for the Government, More employment, more goods produced in the US, etc.Why can't the economics gurus get this?

  5. Currently taxes are more focussed on welfare , greater social safety nets and preventing social unrest .
    instead of creating wealth ( enterprises , employment , infrastructure etc. ) .
    As a result the tax base is constrained and fewer people have to pay more and others less or nothing.
    A change of focus toward the creation of wealth is the solution . I´m in favor of tax system favorable
    to the supply side .

  6. Adam, thanks for putting up this poll, but I reject the questions so I didn't take the poll.

    I support getting rid of this current IRS system/Federal Reserve System & replacing it with a system something like the USA had before the scam of 1913 was put in place.

    Also having ran my own business for decades I always hated being put in the position of being a mafia type bag man to collect their taxes/info for them. That is not my job & they pay us nothing for it.

    That said I favor removing all govt withholdings for taxes, SSI, Medicare, state income taxes, health insurance from businesses.

    When we go buy gas for our vehicle we don't fill out any govt form/under penalty of law, here they collect the tax at the refinery.

    This current system of taxes/banking/insurance is authoritarian control freaks means of destroying our economy & country.

    So far they're doing a great job of it.

    infowars is about 95% correct on whats happen right now.

    1. That's what *I* was thinking. Taxes don't go towards paying anything but the interest on the fiat printed out for the US gov't by the Feds.

  7. Flat Tax also has side benefits which would be shrinking the size of gov't, e.g., no IRS with its multitude of reg's, other agencies concerned with ancillary issues around taxes, smaller congressional needs, etc. Also, the Flat Tax should apply to all non-profits as well.

  8. The tax code can be both progressive and simple. Flat tax is a fraud. The only place there should be spending cuts is in the military.

  9. Do Both; eliminate loopholes and simplify the tax code. And while we're at it we should decrease spending and lower taxes.

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