Trading superstitions - Do you have any?

With today being Friday the 13th, I thought it would be fun to see to if our readers had any trading superstitions. I've heard of all kinds superstitions over the years such as, never trade in the first 30 minutes, never set stop-losses on round numbers, don't triple dip a stock, and never sell a stock crossing past $90. And then we have mine, I never buy a stock on Friday or at the open on Monday. In every attempt, I've ended up on the wrong end of a trade. Maybe I just have bad luck!

I would like to know...

Do you have any trading superstitions?

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Take a second to vote, then leave a comment with your trading superstition or any superstition that you may have. I bet we have some good ones out there.

Every Success,
Jeremy Lutz and

11 thoughts on “Trading superstitions - Do you have any?

  1. Not only Stocks, but for each and every financial markets, one thing is very sure and certain and that is "Uncertainty" and this uncertainties are for all all related issues so there is no meaning of any specific superstitious factor, things and their impacts are different for all issues, and therefor, it will never useful forever commonly.

    And finally, always remember that Golden Line " There is no Common Rule or Tool in the market.

    1. Rasesh Shukla,

      I will give Warren Buffet full credit on his first rule of trading, which is "Don't lose money", his second rule is just as important and that is "Don't forget the first rule".

      Adam Hewison

  2. I married on a Friday, 13th.
    Today I did a nice little day trade and some long option got into the money.
    How could I be superstitious?

      1. Ray,

        When I woke up this morning there was no one standing on the corner handing out free $100 bills. In my world, there is no free lunch, you have to work for everything you get.

        All the best,
        Adam Hewison

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