Fill In The Caption ...

Leave a comment on what you think would be the "perfect caption" for this photograph of Thorsten Heins, who was appointed chief executive of Blackberry in January 2012 and has since stepped down. Here's our caption:

"No, seriously, it's a smartphone."

Fill out a caption on what you think Thorsten Heins is thinking and you'll have the opportunity to win a really cool thumb drive. Enter as many captions as you wish and have fun. Team INO, will pick out the top three captions and post them along with the names of the winners this weekend. Good luck.

61 thoughts on “Fill In The Caption ...

  1. thanks for the post it was interesting by knowing all the features of smart phone.please update more related to nifty market

  2. According to CBS, there is Corporate Kool-Aid in the Company cafeteria. Can I have some of that too?

  3. "Everything's under control. Situation nor-mal. . . Uh, we had a slight equity share malfunction, but everything's perfectly alright now. Thank you. How are you? . . . Negative! we've had a very large SAR leak. Give us a few minutes to lock it down. Uh, large leak, very dangergous. . . Ah, boring conversation anyway!"

  4. "I am the great and powerful BlackBerry! . . . Pay no attention to that man behind the phone!"

  5. See, my gray blazer matches the keys on the phone---and my hair--and my skin tone--and my future employment opportunities

  6. "Et Voilà! A smartphone that can download punch card apps from fortune cookie messages! Only from BlackBerry!"

  7. "I ran the company into the ground, and all the Board gave me was this lousy whatchamacallit...."

  8. "Man, if this is a smartphone, I'm a 'Donaudamfschiffartgesellschaftkapitaen!' (captain of Danube steamboat company).

    "The Board made me say that. Now can I go back home (to Germany)."

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