Currency Chart of The Week - Japanese Yen

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In the March 2014 Japanese Yen (CME:6J.H14.E), a recovery from the recent two day sell off has been underway this morning. Uncertainty on the state of the US economy has provided support for the Yen. In the event of the stock market undergoing a profit-taking correction after 11 straight sessions in the green, we would expect a short term boost in the Yen.

The March Japanese Yen has recently corrected after posting a recent swing high of 9.927 on February 4, 2014. Since correcting, the 20 Day Moving Average has acted as support on multiple occasions, and we anticipate it will continue to do so in the near term.

Using the 20 day moving average as a support level, I expect another leg up in the Japanese Yen if we break the high in yesterday’s session of 9.829 today. Along with a strong relative strength index reading, the near-term upside target for this move would be the swing high of 9.927. In this instance, it would be fitting to roll stop orders behind the position, as the 200 day moving average sits just below the swing high and may act as resistance.

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