Putin's Secret Weapon – How Russia Could Take Down America Without Firing a Single Shot

By: Casey Research

Here's a startling fact most investors have never heard: During the last financial meltdown in 2008, when the U.S. economy was on the brink, Russian leaders met with China to persuade them to dump the dollar – and destroy the world's reserve currency.

Before they could act, the Fed pumped over $700 billion into the economy and delayed their day of reckoning. Still, the threat remains. China holds over $1.2 trillion in U.S. debt today. And with their Russian allies, they could drop the dollar at any moment. This excerpt from our eye-opening documentary called "Meltdown America" explains the severity of this imminent threat:

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You'll hear the harrowing and true stories of three people who survived economic and political collapse in Zimbabwe, Yugoslavia, and Argentina… and discover how their powerful stories of hardship foreshadow what's happening in the U.S.

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9 thoughts on “Putin's Secret Weapon – How Russia Could Take Down America Without Firing a Single Shot

  1. Never mind historical empirical evidence that this won't happen..... again.

    Gold works if the economy is bad or good

    When we have a red hot economy, gold is your hedge against inflation. When we have a bad economy, gold is a safe harbor against collapse. It is a one way trade that never fails! How convenient!

    When it drops, it's 'cause of manipulation, when it goes up it's 'cause it was "allowed."

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    1. Here is some free science.

      Debt will not ever be paid off. Ever. It's growing exponentially. As in, parabolically. There are not 3 solutions, there are actually none. It's already too late. The numbers prove that out. There ya go. Simple stuff.

      No need to pay for your guarantees. Life goes on.

  3. B.S.
    China has nothing to gain by joining Russia to destroy the U.S. Economy.
    They are not going to dump their treasuries of U.S. and destroy it's value to them.
    And by supporting Russia to destroy the U.S. Leaves China Vulnerable to Russian Expansion Plans.
    All three countries know that 3 strong factions in the world, make the world a relatively safer place for all.

    1. The analogy to the Balkans, Argentina and Zimbabwe falls utterly flat, that's a given; how is the US anything like those situations?. It's not. And the "doom on you" mantra by a team of people selling a system that will protect you from such doom begs incredibility. But you have to admit the entire structure of debt financed growth, at the levels we are experiencing, is unsustainable. Yes the Union will fall, some day, some how, but the exact nature of that collapse cannot be predicted; primarily due to the never-before-seen size and interconnectedness of the structure as it stands today.

      I did pause to wonder though at the connection between foreign US military hosting and the near extortion the US holds over said foreign entities through the leverage of the US dollar. That set of linkages could be called fragile were the dollar to lose, oh, say half to three quarters of its buying power.

      1. Perhaps circumstance are right for that decline in our currency. China is buying prodigious amounts of gold to attempt a replacement of a Reserve Currency. The BRIC countries in general and following that lead.
        Should America not readjust (I believe it won't) to once again being a welcoming place for Industrial production that it was in the 1960' when we had almost 50 % of our nations workforce employed there and it's now roughly 6%, an all time low, we will surely fall. This replacement of servicing jobs proved the point with the abject destruction of our middle class. Since I see the direction exactly opposite to that requirement, I must sadly say demise of our middleclass, which is our foundation will continue

      2. I understand this thought, however, continue the though out further.... How many people in this country are ready for $8.50 Gasoline?, $9 Bread?, $13 Gal Milk and what happens when that arrives? Won't it snowball? Declining receipts = Greater debt, then where

      3. It's possible, nay, probably, that the U.S. and its leaders (gov/military) have held themselves above the rest of the world for so long that the hubris cloud they drift upon blocks their view of the reality occurring on the ground. What hubris to think that the NSA should spy on everyone around the planet. What hubris to think that U.S. economy, propped up by trillions of additional debt, will continue to lead and support the world economy. What hubris to think that as crude oil goes, so goes the dollar; that the U.S. dollar's reserve currency status is unimpeachable.

        So, the film touches on these concepts. Yet, I still question the dotted lines they drew between so called analogous events of the past and the U.S.'s future. Jared Diamond's --Collapse-- attempts, in its limited fashion, to present a set of more credible future scenarios than those of the film. Blinded by hubris being one of the top candidates.

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