The Three Biggest Mistakes Traders Make - Volume 2

Why a Seminar About Mistakes?

We often learn more from mistakes than from successes. But traders tend to focus on, and are fascinated by, success – especially the success of others.

Unfortunately, the advice these pros offer on how to make money is often contradictory.

People lose money in the markets either because of errors in their analysis or because of psychological factors that prevent the application of good analysis. Most of the losses are due to the latter.

All analytical methods have some validity and make allowances for the times when they will not work. But psychological factors can keep you in a losing position and cause you to abandon one method for another when the first one produces a losing position.

Most discussions of the psychological aspects of the markets focus on behavioral psychology or psychoanalysis, i.e. sublimation, regression, suppression, anger, self-punishment.

This isn't to say such approaches aren't instructive; it's just that most people find it hard to digest and apply the information presented. But more importantly, such approaches are trying to change your natural psychology – a difficult, if not impossible, task.

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The INOTV Team