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MarketClub, a service by, provides traders a suite of online trading tools that have been designed to do one thing... help members find positions based on sound mathematical probabilities and NOT on whims and guesses. The tools were built to help find profitable set-ups and assist members in their decision-making process. This service is not a "get-rich-quick" program, but instead, encourages educated trading decisions based on market-proven solutions.

Use the links below to read more information on how to use each tool available in the MarketClub service. Please feel free to contact our support team with any questions you have about any of the tools.

See all of the trading tools available with a MarketClub membership and learn how they work before you begin your trial. View our full MARKETCLUB MEMBER TUTORIAL VIDEO. Segments of this video can be found with their respective tools.

Trade Triangles

Smart Scan

See how MarketClub's Trade Triangle entry and exit signals work for short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term trading styles. Discover MarketClub's scanning technology and learn how to filter results to give yourself a customized starting point for finding new markets to trade.

Portfolio Manager


Use the Portfolio Manager to organize your holdings and watch lists all in one place. MarketClub's charting package allows you to combine the Trade Triangles with additional technical chart studies and indicators to analyze any symbol.

Email Alerts

Trade School

Learn how to set up Email Alerts so you don't miss any changes in your portfolio. Get access to trading education from well-known market professionals, as well as market updates and special reports from MarketClub co-creator, Adam Hewison.

Data Central

Top Markets

Do you need end-of-day data for your trading program? See what formats are available to download with your MarketClub membership. The shortcut Top Markets lists can make a great starting point for finding new trades. See how the lists are created using MarketClub's technology.

Members Blog

Customer Support

This Members-only Blog provides additional educational resources, plus a private place for members to interact with other members and the MarketClub support team.

3 thoughts on “MarketClub - Help Section

  1. Hello can you use your tools for lower time frame like the !MF-4HF? using both the trading triangle and smart scan.
    Does it let you know entry and exit point?

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the question. The answer is no, we do not provide signals on 1 hr or 4 hr charts. The lowest time frame that we provide signals for is daily charts. We produce daily, weekly and monthly Trade Triangles.

      Here is a great video that explains how you use the Trade Triangles to trade stocks as well as a link to a video outlining how to find new trades.

      How To Use The Trade Triangles For Stocks:

      How It Works:

      Monthly Triangles determine trend and initial entry points.

      Weekly Triangles determine timing: Exits and re-entries.

      The last triangle issued on the monthly chart should always be used to identify the overall trend. You use the monthly triangle as an entry point to get into the stock within 24hrs. Then you are to look at the weekly triangles for your exit and re-entry points.

      Key Rule: Always trade with the trend. Make sure your weekly and monthly triangles correspond in direction.

      How to find new trades using the Trade Triangle Scan:

      5 Successful Intermediate-term Trading Rules:

      (1) The odds are in your favor when you trade with the major trends.
      (2) Always trade using stops. Never Cancel A Stop.
      (3) Plan your trade and trade your plan.
      (4) Never assume a market is too high or too low.
      (5) Go with the flow. Don’t over think your position.


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