Meet Contributor - Noah Kiedrowski

Founder of - a venue created to share investing ideas and strategies with an emphasis on options trading. I am a leading author and contributor on several crowd-sourced financial websites, namely Seeking Alpha and My area of emphasis is geared towards the overall healthcare industry (i.e. biotechnology, health insurers, large pharma, pharmacy benefit managers and pharmaceutical wholesalers) highlighting sector trends, political backdrop/current events, key developments and mergers and acquisitions. I am a biotechnology professional with a diverse scientific background and detailed knowledge in many therapeutic areas such as monoclonal antibodies and immunotherapies. I have a deep understanding of the clinical and regulatory aspects with respect to drug development and drug approvals. I have a personal interest in finance, investing and specifically options trading. My investment strategy is long-term/retirement-oriented while exploring avenues to maximize wealth in retirement. My analyses are focused on individual stocks, sector trends and niche opportunities such as options trading.


Masters of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

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  1. Thank you for very interesting article/analysis on HQY
    The story is compelling (like all stories around the unfortunate facts of our growing age societies).
    Where do you see the risks in HQY? I can see several - especially from growing competition.

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