World Oil Supply, Demand And Price Outlook, November 2018

The Energy Information Administration released its Short-Term Energy Outlook for November, and it shows that OECD oil inventories likely bottomed in June at 2.807 billion barrels. It estimated a large 20 million barrel gain for October. Though it forecasts that stocks will drop in December to 2.867 billion, that is 50 million barrels higher than in the October outlook.

Throughout 2019, OECD inventories are generally expected to rise, reaching 3.0 billion barrels in August. It projects ending the year with 138 million barrels more than at the end of 2018 in glut territory.

OECD Oil Inventories

The moment of truth has come, and it appears that the sanctions will cut less of Iran’s production and exports than has been added by OPEC+ producers and the U.S. That is why oil prices have been dropping for eight straight sessions.

Oil Price Implications

I performed a simple linear regression between OECD oil inventories and WTI crude oil prices for the period 2008 through 2017. As expected, there are periods where the price deviates greatly from the regression model. But overall, the model provides a reasonably high r-square result of 79 percent. Continue reading "World Oil Supply, Demand And Price Outlook, November 2018"

It's Still Not Time To Buy A Marijuana ETF

The month of October was terrible for the marijuana Exchange Traded Fund MG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ). After some months in which we witnessed the share price of the marijuana ETF climb higher, we saw it drop like a rock following the October 17 date for the legalization of marijuana in Canada. For October, MJ was down just slightly more than 27%.

MJ rose and fell due to some big winners followed by big losers in the marijuana industry. But the problem is, the moves we have seen by these stocks have for the most part been based solely on speculation and rumors. We have not received an earnings report indicating profits from Canada were going through the roof; we receive any real meaningful information from the companies themselves that would have indicated now was the time to buy because the stock prices were just going to run higher. It was all just speculation and hype that was causing stock prices to move higher. I recently warned investors that now was not the time to jump on the MJ train, back when the ETF was at loftier levels, but now that is has fallen, you should remain on the sidelines and see how things play out in the industry.

The first reason of why is because of the recent decline the industry has gone through. The majority of the drop has been due to nothing more than profit-taking after the boom, ‘hype cycle’ played out leading up to the October 17 legalization of marijuana in Canada. Common sense would say the marijuana stocks would climb higher after the law went into effect. But all too often, the opposite happens because the ‘hype’ over the recent change dies off after the actual event takes place, and no new information comes available to keep the ‘hype train’ rolling. Savvy investors bought shares of the marijuana stocks ahead of the legalization date, road those stocks higher due to the “hype” and then sold them after the October 17th date when the catalyst for the move higher played out.

Which leads us to reason two of why you should stay on the sidelines. Continue reading "It's Still Not Time To Buy A Marijuana ETF"

Stocks Rise After Midterm Elections

Hello traders everywhere. The midterm elections are over, and the stock market is on the move higher. Are we going to get a long-term post-election rally or is this just a short-term bump? The S&P 500 has jumped above its 200-day MA for the first time in eleven days, but we're still waiting on a new green weekly Trade Triangle to exit a short position in the S&P 500.

The DOW broke above its 50-day MA and issued a new green weekly Trade Triangle at 25,817.68 pushing the Chart Analysis Score to +75 indicating that a long position may be in order for the DOW. We'll have to see if there's carry through at the end of the week or if this is just a short-term election euphoria bump.

The NASDAQ is trading just below its 200-day MA standing at 7,519.45 with a Chart Analysis Score of -70. Even if The NASDAQ trades above the 200-day in the coming days it still has some work to do to enter a sidelines position.

Midterm Elections

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the U.S. dollar is not buying into the post-election hype and traded as low as 95.48 before backing off the session lows. But it is still down on the day and is down .60% on the week. Continue reading "Stocks Rise After Midterm Elections"

Positive Implications For Gold Miners If Crude Oil Breaks Down

It’s an over obsessed upon commodity, previously hyped for its (Hubbert’s) “peak” status by “experts” like T Boone Pickens and a whole clown show of promoters.

Now WTI Crude Oil has reached a thick resistance zone (as managed in NFTRH for the last couple of years) and may be breaking down from a peak of a whole other kind. Here is the monthly chart we use.

Gold Miners

It is preliminary, and one weekend OPEC jawbone could put oil back up in the consolidation. But as of now the price has ticked below the previous 2018 low to close the week. It is not a good look… unless you’re a gold bug, that is. More on that later. Continue reading "Positive Implications For Gold Miners If Crude Oil Breaks Down"

Tech Stocks Continues To Pull NASDAQ Lower

Hello traders everywhere. The NASDAQ continues to be pummeled by tech stocks, falling over 1% after posting a positive week last week. The reason for the drop? Big tech, Apple is grabbing the headlines with its shares falling over 3% to $198.17, bringing their monthly losses to 8.1% and five straight weeks of declines. That's the first time Apple's traded below $200 since July of 2018.

Other tech stocks retreated as well, including Inc. down 3.8%, Alphabet Inc. losing 3.2% and Nvidia Corp. falling 3.9%. Not shockingly, all of the FAANG are lower to start the week.

Tech Stocks

Key Events On Tap This Week:

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