Leading Market Trends for 2010

For today's guest blog post, I've invited Amey S. from The Wild Investor to share some things to look for in the markets for 2010. Please share your thoughts for 2010 by commenting on this post.


If you have followed any of my work, then I’m sure you’re well aware of the simplicity I try to put towards stock trading - especially when it comes to spotting trends. In theory, I like to think of trends as a cause-effect relationship.

Due to situation A, sector B should perform well. Then, go find solid companies in sector B that fall under your trading strategy.

As we inch closer to shutting the door on a relatively successful 2009, yet miserable decade in the stock market, we must now focus our attention on the New Year. The upcoming year will not only mark the start of a new decade, but it will also jumpstart the “new” market, a “new” way of doing business, and the “new” way consumers behave. Basically 2010 should be everything that the first decade of the new millennium wasn't.

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