This email asked a question that may be in the back of your mind!!

Every once in a while, I receive an email like the one below. I think to myself that is exactly the type of mail I would write if I were in that person's shoes.

The premise of the email is this... Why, if you are a successful trader, do you bother doing what you do with and MarketClub?

This is what Bryan wrote:

"Adam, Good morning!

I'm interested in why-as a successful trader-you decided to start the club/newsletter. I have started learning about trading, and the involvement in learning about trading and developing market awareness is a discipline-as you know. I have also started to test some of my strategies with both real and paper trades. So, I'm thinking, $8.95 isn't much to part with to learn more about your strategies… and if your strategies work, why don't you just make your trade(s) and walk away from your computer, and come back when you are ready to work again. Why share it? Plus if your trades are profiting significantly, what is the cost/benefit of your investment of time into the MarketClub? Perhaps I have a selfish view of trading, but I am very curious as to the upside for you regarding the MarketClub.

For example, last week I profited on a trade of FNMAS, and depending on the amount of cash I was willing to commit to it, I could have been in and out for only a few hours. I held for 2 days, walked with a healthy profit, and went to enjoy time with my family. So, it's my analytical curiosity that is really wanting to understand why you do what you do.

Thanks for your time.

Bryan D"


Here is my response to Bryan:

The simple answer is, because I enjoy what I do and I like helping other people succeed in what can be a very rewarding business. Before I go any further, let me share with you my abbreviated story. I grew up in a working-class family in England, I don't have a formal education and I am dyslexic. I am sharing this with you so you can see if someone like myself can be successful in trading, anyone can do it. I am an autodidact and have an insane curiosity about life and practically everything out there.

I grew up as an only child in a family where we shared, and I was taught to share at a very early age. Because of my curiosity, I became very interested in the commodity markets in the early seventies when I was a much younger man. I was living in Chicago at the time, the home of the commodity markets and I decided then and there to learn how the markets work. I threw myself into studying the markets and worked and worked at trying to become successful. It was only after I purchased a membership in Chicago and really learned how the markets trade that I fully understood what was going on. Shortly after that I purchased seat on several major exchanges both here in the US and in London, I moved to Switzerland in the early 80's and managed funds for a private family hedge fund. I was lucky enough first retire in my early 30s. Here's the problem when you retire at that age, there's no one else to play with!! You can only travel, tennis, golf go fishing for so long, after a while you really need to something more. Well that something more for me was writing a book called "Right on the Money" and going back into a business that I really enjoy and love.

Helping others and sharing what knowledge I have of the markets with other folks around the world is something that comes natural to me and I enjoy. When I was in the trading pits in Chicago, I had a number of mentors who helped me achieve success and I said to myself that one day, I would like to give back to a business that has been so good to me. Thanks to the Internet and my business partner, Dave Maher, and the amazing staff that I have the privilege of working with everyday, I am able to fulfill the promise I made to myself many years ago.

I thank God everyday for all the blessings I have received. I am also thankful for having a voice and a platform to share and our MarketClub tools with a world wide audience. Helping investors become better investors is our main mission. If we do that well, everything else takes care of itself.

Bryan, I hope this answers your question of why I do what I do.

All the best to you and good trading,