4 Tips For Investors To Learn More About Private Equity

By: Tim Melvin

Tickers: AINV, APO, ARO, KKR

Most individual investors pay very little attention to what's going on in the world of private equity.

The shadowy world of private equity and buyout investing is seen as the province of large institutions and well-heeled big money types -- and of little interest to those looking to catch the next 10 point move in Apple.

It's of even less interest of those middle of the road investors who have some stock and mutual funds in their retirement plans and just do not spend a lot of time thinking about the markets. While most will never have big money invested in private equity funds, tracking this industry should be at the top of every investor's regular activities list.

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Flying High With Apollo And Affiliates

By: Tim Melvin

The top executives of Apollo Global Management (NYSE:APO) in the most recent earnings call outlined some areas where they see opportunity in the years ahead.

Benzinga covered this last week in an article revealing the company's thoughts on credit, energy and real estate services.

The management team at Apollo can trace their history in the markets all the way back to Michael Milken and Drexel Burnham Lambert, at one time a wildly successful private equity and alternative investment firm.

Apollo Global founder, Leon Black, was the head of Drexel's mergers and acquisitions department and formed Apollo Global following the collapse of Drexel in 1990. Their advice is worth listening to and best of all, Apollo has some publicly traded entities that allow investors to take advantage of their insights and ideas. Continue reading "Flying High With Apollo And Affiliates"