"Saturday Seminars" - Keep It Simple Stupid: Trading with the Elliott Wave

Using Elliott Wave successfully means using it simply. Mark designed this session to provide you with the basic tools needed for a solid understanding of basic Elliott Wave structures: the 5-wave (impulse) pattern and the 3-wave (corrective) pattern. Specifically, Mark believes that you can successfully trade using Elliott Wave analysis by following only three basic rules accompanied by a handful of guidelines.

Each Elliott Wave structure defines the trend and the market’s next likely move. With a solid understanding of these simple rules and guidelines, you will gain confidence in counting a chart, which can result in a positive balance sheet. Along with the basics, Mark shares several trading approaches to the Elliott Wave sequence. These include deriving likely targets for the next move, assessing risk/reward parameters and using the Wave Principle to minimize risk.

Mark A. Schimmel is a senior market analyst with Elliott Wave International (EWI), the world’s premiere Elliott Wave organization. He provides real-time commentary on dozens of global equity, bond, currency, and commodity markets for professional and private investors around the world. Mark teaches EWI’s comprehensive tutorial on the Elliott Wave Principle and conducts seminars and workshops to retail and institutional investors worldwide. He has served as the editor of The Elliott Wave Theorist Short Term Update, an adjunct service offered to subscribers of Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave Theorist newsletter. Mark also provides EWI subscribers with live telephone market opinions on all w..


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