Day Trading and Automation

At, we regularly receive questions about completely automated trading or “Black Box” systems. To shed a little light on these complex robotic trading systems is today’s guest, Todd Mitchell, from Trading Concepts. Be sure to comment with ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I received an interesting e-mail today asking me about a particular futures trading system. The writer wanted to know if I knew of a futures trading system was fully mechanical and automated. I should point out that there are automated or “black box” trading systems employed by large hedge funds and other large trading groups, but I have never come across a fully automated futures trading system suitable for individual traders seeking to day trade the futures markets.

Of course, there are a slew of Forex robots on the market today, and the trading results from these robots have been mixed, at best. In my opinion, this type of question regarding futures day trading is the result of the spillover effect from the Forex trading groups. But I think that this request reflects an even deeper question being considered by new traders as they are entering the futures markets.

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