Generating Income in Today's Market

Today I'd like everyone to welcome Tom Dyson Editor of the "The 12% Letter", a monthly investment advisory with one clear objective: To help subscribers collect a steady, reliable "paycheck" (in the form of dividend payouts and fund distributions) and earn a safe 12% return every year.

In today's economy, Tom has found a way to look inside the market and reasons behind moves to pick out some pretty good trades.  I've asked him to open up and give us some of those insights, as well as his favorites for the coming year! Please enjoy the article, comment below with questions or comments, and check out The 12% Letter.


Recently, my colleague Steve Sjuggerud published compelling research suggesting the worst is past and there's another bubble coming. The Federal Reserve is the reason. We've never before seen recessions when the Federal Reserve is in "accommodating" mode and interest rates are at zero.

"The recession is most certainly over," he wrote. "In fact, the more likely scenario is a boom."

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