Be careful who you do business with.

Be careful who you do business with.

In the last few years, there have been several major meltdowns in the financial area that directly impacted individual investors and charities. I'm hoping these thoughts of mine will help you do business with the good guys on the street and not the bad guys. It is very important to know who you are doing business with.

When I started my career on the floor of the exchange in Chicago, my word was my bond. It is still the same way today.

So, how do you go about protecting yourself and your money? If you're thinking of trading in the futures markets, you should first check with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). For stocks and options, the place to go is the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). If a company that you're thinking of doing business with has had an excessive number of complaints filed against that firm, do not do business with that firm.

Now it's possible that every firm will have a few complaints against it, that is the nature of the business. As people get upset or angry with a particular broker, they will file a complaint. Be on the lookout for an excessive number of complaints, and consistent complaints. If you see that pattern don't do business with that company.

You work hard for your money and you should get the best possible service. You should get the satisfaction that you are doing business with a company that has a great deal of integrity. I invite you to take a minute and view this video, showing how our company gives every subscriber a 5-part guarantee.


Adam Hewison
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P.S. Here is what I hope are the last three bad guys we see in the brokerage business.

(1) Peregrine Financial Group CEO Russell Wasendorf admitted to committing fraud in a suicide note. The amount of money in question could come to tens of millions of dollars, according to the federal indictment. Russell Wasendorf, survived his suicide attempt and  is waiting to be sentenced

(2) MF Global Holdings Ltd, formerly known as Man Financial, was a major global commodities brokerage firm.  On the day of MF Global's bankruptcy, a Bloomberg reporter wrote "Jon Corzine’s risk appetite helped destroy his firm.According to a trustee liquidating the company after its collapse, the losses incurred by customers of MF Global stood at $1.6 billion. The vast majority of these funds have not been returned to customers. So far no criminal charges have been filed against Jon Corzine. Not sure why that is, and why he is not in jail.

(3) Here's the granddaddy of them all, Bernard Lawrence "Bernie" Madoff lost investors some $17.5 billion and is serving a lifetime in jail.

Madoff will be trading again...

his fruit cup for a pack a smokes, because it looks like Mr. Madoff is headed to the big house. We talked about Madoff quite a bit when the news broke. I would say that the majority of Trader's Blog visitors screamed that Madoff should be locked up, but that the investors he worked with should have never expected such outlandish returns.

CNN just broke this story...


Madoff sentenced to 150 years - Federal judge gives maximum sentence to Ponzi mastermind following his apology and victims' request for life sentence.

NEW YORK ( -- A federal judge sentenced Bernard Madoff, the convicted mastermind of the largest and most sweeping Ponzi scheme ever, to the maximum sentence of 150 years in federal court Monday.

Judge Denny Chin of U.S. District Court in New York announced the sentence just moments after Madoff apologized to his victims. Continue reading "Madoff will be trading again..."

5 Ways to Ponzi proof your portfolio and sleep well at night.

I've been in the financial arena for over 30 years. I must say I that I am appalled to see scum like Bernie Madoff stealing money from honest people.  In many ways he's committing one of the most heinous of crimes. He's destroying the financial standings of  unsuspecting victims for his own selfish greed.

In my opinion, he should just go right to jail as he has already confessed to the crime. We've seen them throw people in the slammer for much lesser offenses, but that's just my opinion.

Okay, so how do you Ponzi proof your portfolio? The key here is to take control of your own financial future. This is not as difficult as you might think. Not to mention that the mistakes you may make are your mistakes, and not that of a crazy, old guy down in Florida who may run off with your money too. I'm just amazed that anyone thinks that they can actually get away with this garbage. Everyone knows a Ponzi scheme is doomed to failure; there is not enough money in the world to keep them going. By nature... it eventually has to collapse. But, if you take control of your own money... and remove it out of the hands of people like Madoff... then you can sleep more soundly at night.

Watch this short video on how to Ponzi proof your portfolio here:

Here is what you need to do:

# 1: Take control of your own destiny by learning how the financial markets work. They are not as complicated as everyone makes them out to be.

# 2: I believe that once you learn how the markets work, you must create a game plan to stay on track and to reach your individual objectives.

# 3: One of the easiest ways to tell if a market is going up or down is to use a simple technical analysis indicator, or our "Trade Triangle" technology, which literally points out the direction for you.

# 4: Following a proven approach in the markets is one of the easiest and fastest ways for you to accumulate wealth. Sometimes it is difficult to know who to trust. The key here is to trust in yourself. You don't have to hand over your money to someone who could potentially ruin your financial future. Don't give them that opportunity when you are capable of steering your own financial ship.

# 5: This is perhaps the most important element of Ponzi proofing your portfolio: discipline. You must be disciplined to take both profits and losses. By following a market proven system and your game plan, I think you will be happy with the results of your work. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you did it yourself... you stuck with a plan and made your final decisions.

Many people think you have to spend hours upon hours looking over and reading the financial press to find winning trades. Remember, that the financial press is old news and the real news is happening through price action movement. However, you can start yourself off by selecting stocks that are well financed, have good liquidity, and have a history of big swings. However, you need to ensure that your portfolio is diversified into several non-correlating markets. If you trade that diverse portfolio throughout the year, with a game plan and disciple, I believe you will see the results you are looking for. Once you do this, you have not only created a Ponzi proofed portfolio, but you have also made it practically bulletproof as well.

Okay, let's sum up what I've just said: First, you need to create and implement a game plan. Next, you need to use market proven strategies to help guide you in the correct direction of the market. Thirdly, you need to follow your game plan with discipline. Fourthly, you need to make sure that you are investing in a diverse group of holdings (stocks, bonds, real estate, futures).  Last, but not least... you can sleep well at night.

Every success in what promises to be an exciting future for all of us,

Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub