Using The VIX As a Fear Gauge In Binary Options Trading

The VIX volatility index is a gauge of the fear and greed that market participants are experiencing and can be used as a tool to help guide binary options traders as it relates to the S&P 500 index.  The VIX is a measure of the implied volatility of the at the money calls and puts of the S&P 500 index, and reflect the level of premium that needs to be paid to purchase at the money options.

Implied volatility is an estimate of the distance the S&P 500 index will move over a certain period on an annualized basis.  For example, a VIX reading of 13.98% means that market participants believe that over the next 30 day period, the S&P 500 index will move 13.98% when annualized, or 1.17% over the next 30 days. Continue reading "Using The VIX As a Fear Gauge In Binary Options Trading"

Strategic Elements Of Binary Options Trading

Successful Trading is a Skill You Can Learn

The famous Turtle Traders founder Richard Dennis made history not only through his record-breaking trading performance but also for transforming the lives of a handful of individuals like you and me in under two weeks. He believed that he could pass on his successful principles as a trader to a non-professional trader and that based on them following his principles to the letter they too can become just as successful. Contrary to his peers opinions he proceed to do just that and the rest is history. This is no different to the teacher student relationship or master builder and apprentice relationship. Modern educators are promoting this exact principle to accelerate and help transform people's performance. It makes sense that success is a skill which can be taught even to trading Binary Options. Continue reading "Strategic Elements Of Binary Options Trading"