Another Profitable Quarter for the Perfect Portfolio

We first introduced the “Perfect Portfolio” theory in early October and posted updates here and here.

We plan to update the hypothetical “Perfect Portfolio” every quarter to show exactly how you can utilize what I believe is a very conservative, but profitable approach to markets. We're using four, very liquid and well known ETF's that I believe are going to be very important in the investment world for the next three years.

The results of the “Perfect Portfolio” for Q4 were as follows: The ETF GLD that tracks gold bullion managed to gain 8.55% for the quarter. Our next ETF, FXE which tracks the Euro, suffered a small loss of 2.9% for the quarter. The star performer for the quarter was USO, which tracks crude oil. This market had a positive return of 8.63%. Our last ETF is SPY, which tracks the S&P 500, and this market put in a very respectable 5.63% return at the end of December.

The average return for the “Perfect Portfolio” for the quarter was 5.13%. This was lower than some other quarters simply because the markets were less volatile. In the future we expect this portfolio to continue to do well and we will be reporting on this blog on a quarterly basis with the results.

If you have any questions on the hypothetical “Perfect Portfolio” and how you can use this strategy with your own account and brokerage company please feel free to contact our office at 410-867-2100. Any one of our professional member relationship team can help answer questions on the “Perfect Portfolio”.

All the best,

Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub